G. Hagen 05/06/2010

Tascam DP-008 : G. Hagen's user review

«  Highly recommended! »

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8 tracks, both recorded simultaneously, two microphone inputs TRX or two entries in jack, 6 reverb, 8 faders for direct access level, 8 reverb, 8 pan. Possibility of mastering the beast. Two bands EQ for each track: Access via the small screen and scroll wheel. Ability to record two tracks simultaneously. Ability to control the start and stop recording via a footswitch. SDHC card up to 32 GO!


Most functions are governed by the menus that appear on the screen and is controlled via a handy dial to handle. Consulting the manual becomes necessary once you get into the specialized functions such as "bounce" but it is very clear (though it lacks an index that would allow a significant time saving). But for basic operation, the unit is intuitive.
Communication with an external computer is required to recover the master. Personally, I prefer to make the master via Audacity Beta Unicode. This avoids a manipulation 'more. Formatting SD cards involves an incredible waste of space because one party is necessarily dedicated to the preservation and communication with the computer. Fortunately, the unit accepts the 32 GB.
Currently, I have not found a way to make Ping-Pong on that unit (which would theoretically fourteen tracks). Perhaps is it not possible?


The result is stunning: it sounds CD quality. No latency problem.


I use it for a month and I am satisfied:
__ Because it relieves me of the latency of what is done by computer;
__ Because it allows real-time adjustments such as pan and volume, which is neither possible nor Audiomixer on Audacity.
__ Because it provides an effect unit for reverb;
__ Because unlike the Boss Fostex IBD and microphone 600, is a true eight-track;
__ Because it allows me to put on each track 8 different effects for each program from my Korg M50 that does not sound sequencer;
__ Because it is smaller and lighter than a laptop, and also more efficient;
__ Because its autonomy from the batteries and excellent stereo microphone can call anywhere and on any instrument: guitar, acoustic piano, vocals, synth, drum machine, sampler.

I hesitated with the Boss BR 600 but there were no longer at that time. I also hesitated with the Boss Micro BR, smaller, cheaper, four tracks, but with many effects reserved for guitarists and singers. The inability to control panning and volume in real time discouraged me to purchase it. And then eight tracks, it's more comfortable!