Colombo 04/05/2010

Tascam DP-008 : Colombo's user review


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_Petit, Light, we lug around everywhere ...
_Sait Be forgotten
_Enregistrement 16 bit
_Micros Correct internal, usable
_Préamp Good
_Prise Guitar with a nice sound
_no Moving parts, completely silent
_Phantom Power
_Alim Battery (autonomy rather weak) or sector (transformer not included)


_manual Very clear in French
_Prise Easily in hand
_Use Intuitive
_The Portability, the nomad side provide a large More ... is something else!
_This Small but well thought pleasant to handle


_The Converters are good, the preamp also all gives a very faithful to the source
_Que's Good record without BZZZ PC! It puts into perspective the absence of 24 bit, the signal to noise ratio remains excellent!
_The Reverbs are good
_The EQ seem OK too, although it would have dreamed of real parametric ...


_I Have since 1 month
_J'en'm Crazy! For the songwriter is a fantastic tool, both notebook and to achieve true multi-scale models accomplished.
Certainly it is less than a full PC config (ideal), but so much more ergonomic and intuitive!

A killer! "The thing" in my case!