redstring 11/04/2010

Tascam DP-008 : redstring's user review

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Ease of use and number of tracks! And that's because I love this Portastudio! With the DP-008 no-brainer and dozens of sub-menus strewn with unnecessary options: There is an equalizer (track by track, low and high freq., Rms) and a knob reverb per track. The ability to modify the track pan when mastering through a second volume pot is one option that I find very interesting.

1) From an ergonomic point of view it must still report that the manipulation for the "Return To Zero" or "Return Last Recording Position" is not practical at all and the thing is quite annoying .... The only real flaw ...

2) The export of the master before moving on computer is quite long and the memory management of the card is still quite original. But .. Well ... nothing serious ...

3) No touch mute ... And it also bothers me a lot ... I do not consider a major flaw but part of the Tascam, the thing seems to me still not being up to the mark.

4) Volume of output for headphones relatively low

5) It eats batteries like a monkey would do with peanuts! Not bother to put no adapter (sold separately but ESSENTIAL ...) The Inge de Tascam they would still have been thought to better study the ratio (batteries / energy gluttony) of the machine in question ... That said it is not the only aircraft in this category of products to use the batteries in a hurry.

It is mainly for reasons "ergonomic" (mute and RTZ) I give 8 / 10 because the ergonomics, just after the recording quality, is still something very important.


To my ears the DP-008 meets the dynamic signals and recording quality is more than sufficient to produce quality models.


I've had it 8 months and I find it very endearing! A true creation tool that allows you to concentrate on music and not on the manual. Moreover, it is small enough to carry it with ease. In short: an excellent "collaborator" to save with ease and quality of your musical ideas. Simplicity and quality