Tascam DP-32
Tascam DP-32

DP-32, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam.

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heybulldog 05/26/2014

Tascam DP-32 : heybulldog's user review


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Up to 8 simultaneous recording tracks, 32 in reading, phantom power, input guitar, guitar effects, reverb, delay, chorus, compression, de-esser and EQ on each input with dedicated mastering effects (including multiband compressor) CD, and everything so simple and fast, with dedicated buttons clear and obvious.


Manuel well, not as extensive as Roland but the machine is easier to use so ...
The usual functions are really under the fingers: it selects an input, it is directed to a track by pressing its button, recording, then a panoramic EQ and effects in hand with dedicated knobs, simply turn the input or track that you want to speak, it's as simple as that!


The converters are very good in terms of the price of the beast and the light of ZOOM and other pocket recorders in the market.


I for 1 year, I had all the quasiement Roland VS front end, and I wanted more simplicity to go faster because I do not have much time to manipulate and understand the machine before.
The value for money is very good, everything is done quickly and well, this is a machine for non computer musicians, who mix with their ears and not their eyes ...
A good model that is not ashamed before the other CD made with my VS.
You can not redo the tubes NRJ overproduced or Twitter where each note is worked separately, but save real instruments YES!
A DP32, your instruments and a good microphone and Roll!