windo 06/19/2014

Yamaha AW2816 : windo's user review

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For specifications, see the docs on the subject.
The only weak point that I found the connection is only 2 connectors are XLR, the other jack. I had to make connections XLR-Jack.
For storage, I changed the internal disk with a 64 GB It is still in cheap. Otherwise, I found myself having full disk and not be able to recover even as wav enough space (recording of a concert 5h continuous).
Also a weak point here: Recycling of VERY long file, you must use software found on the net to pick up the pieces imported into the pc, dees times with 10 A / R rewritable CD! I contacted Yamaha japan for information on the format or structure of the disk in order to eventually develop a IDE-USB interface eg. but no further info is available at home (it is true that I had contacted foist tsunami ...)
CDC: for me the perfs are still very professional and versatility still good (see below)


General config not too difficult to understand, clear manual, even if you do not gobble everything from the first reading :-). The usual functions are accessible.
Personally, I wanted to use in mixing desk, as well as recording. While we did not make a real mixing desk, missing auxiliary circuits, etc ... but it met what I expected for rpeter group.
Then I made recordings "live", so not too much to say the above (2 tracks).
Finally, I made a recording of repet live, but each instrument on a track. I admit that the final mix was very easy to make, simple and very good quality, without spending hundreds of hours.


for me, the A / D converters and D / A are transparent, but I do not have much recoil for comparison.
The dynamic is good, refreshed and storable effective effects and filters on each channel, in short, what more, especially for the price I paid.


I am very satisfied and even if I wanted to try to replace it with a AWS1600 or 2400 to try to reduce weaknesses (file transfers, etc.), I've realized that the AW2816 is the most versatile, comparable with other more recent perfs. So I keep!!