Clavia Nord Electro 73
Clavia Nord Electro 73

Nord Electro 73, Digital Piano from Clavia in the Nord Electro series.

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Le Bourgmestre du Lac 12/21/2004

Clavia Nord Electro 73 : Le Bourgmestre du Lac's user review


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I bte the past week. So these are impressions Premire!
In style, superb! Finally it's about, but frankly it's got class trs.
Touch is plutt enjoyable even if it's not perfect for the piano sounds. Finally a rest even when used trs.
The connection is simple but sufficient.
The dump utility for the piano sounds is very easy to use.


Very easy to use, this keyboard will not take the head!
One knob, one function!
I regret a few things:
- No possibility of shuffled the sounds of organ / piano (but split for organ sounds when same).
- No V-pot as the G2X NL3 or allowing any time to know how the back end or The argument that we are INTERESTED (while using a system that NE2 of drawbars Virtual very practical).

Finally, it is not serious ... trs


Haaa ... sounds!
Excellent, period. The simulation organ is really good trs, add to it the leslie and a little distortion and bam! Deep Purple ... Or something more gentle with percussion and bam! Eddie Louis (well, most of APRS adpend fawn which you play, eh ... ahem, ahem ...)
The piano sounds are good with trs, as personal, a weakness for Rhodes (haaaa, that depth ...). But everything is very well. And besides, among the sounds of acoustic piano, you will find your happiness (do not keep the original sounds and replace it ...).
The effects have a color "vintage" trs enjoyable. Lacks the reverb!


Ben is a great instrument! Forcment, it is specially do not ask him to make you a trumpet! If you are looking for something more versatile, look at the Roland VR760. But it is more expensive and I think the pianos are not so good ...
Go try it, you will not dcus ...