Clavia Nord Electro 73
Clavia Nord Electro 73

Nord Electro 73, Digital Piano from Clavia in the Nord Electro series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 03/25/2012

Clavia Nord Electro 73 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« failed rhodes. »

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The Clavia Nord Electro 73 is the type of board that has that, the more you play it the more you love it type of feel too it. It is not for everyone though, a lot of people really don’t like most of the sounds that are on board with this board. To me they are ok it just depends on what kind of a style you have and which sounds you prefer to use in your own compositions. But this board as grew on me over that last few months.


Its very easy to understand this board, not hard t all. You will have no problem understanding the basic functions of this board. You wont even need a manual to use it.


The sounds are up and down to me, some of them are so good I could mess around with them for hours and some of them just don’t do it for me. Like the Rhodes, the Rhodes on this board fell terribly short for me. They seem to be very thin and plastic like, most of the Rhodes on my other boards have a lot more bottom to them and have a full thick sound. These Rhodes sound more like the Rhodes from way back like 30 years ago. That is a be downfall for me because I really love my Rhodes sounds and using them in my work. The Rhodes are suppose to be something that can really fill your music out and give it a full sound but these Rhodes didn’t help me in that department. But as I stated before this board has grown on me and I find my self like new sounds all the time.


Overall it’s a great board / instrument but be aware that its not for everyone. Go to your local store and play around with the sounds on it and you will see if you like it or not. Do not just order this board based on reviews because it has a very unique feel and sound set. Its not for everyone, so make sure you test it out first. But it has a very good quality and can take some dings and drops when moving it from place to place so you have nothing to worry about.