GEM Pro Mega 3
GEM Pro Mega 3

Pro Mega 3, Digital Piano from GEM.

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Olif 02/18/2003

GEM Pro Mega 3 : Olif's user review


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88 ratings, 320 plyphonie voice, multitimbral 4, split two zones - 26 Kg
4 x 15 sounds (piano, vintage, string, bass / other)
2 proc. Cumulative effects: reverb + proEfx (delay, chorus, tremolo, comp, wah, phase, flange, ...) ditables
= 2 OUT audio jacks (L + R) 2 For the out jack (1 +2), 2 IN jack (L + R) 2 out headphone jack 6.35
pedal taken = 3 (damper + 1 & 2 assignable)
noon = in-out-thru x 1


The touch is super enjoyable PROMEGA when same but requires a little physical endurance as well as on an acoustic piano, which is plutt good sign in terms of sensations in the game VLOC r adjustable in 1 100. It "feels" really BCAN but in extreme environments (free jazz improvisation, for example).
Access in paramtres is almost instantaneous with a knob by function as the era.
We can mmoriser each patch with all rglages (effects, splits, eq, volume pedals ...) in 64 user locations.
Each bank of PROMEGA can put on a midi channel diffrent activated by a button on / off. All the usual custom settings are considered (by the volume fader PROMEGA, octave, pitch and modulation by the wheels, etc ...)
The manual is adequate but only for fun (the use of PROMEGA is so simple!)


The acoustic piano sounds are excellent! In addition, they reproduce phnomnes acoustic Russi (rsonnance of sympathy strings, rsonnance diffrent depending on whether the damper pedals is depressed or not, the sound of hammers as the attack). The samples are of high quality trs no closure is heard (except may be in extreme serious background to the headset, concentrating death ...). They even programmed a factory his call "Kln Koncert" typing (reverb and qualisation same as on the album ECM).

The vintage sounds are monstrous!
phnomnes the sound is always the plus on the Wurlitzer and Fender sound stems mtalliques scrolls according to the attack (particulirement in the bass sounds of Fender). Personally, I possde a real Fender Rhodes Mark I 88-branch on the same system of costs, the comparison is bluffing with his eyes closed! Pianissimo playing the last grave on the right, we hear only the stem to a harmonic shrill: the PROMEGA too. The only small diffrence is that with the truth was even more of reserves to attack lgrement saturate the stamp (the kind of VLOC PROMEGA are anchored te 127, Fender is up 140), but it's really for the quibble ...
The Wurlitzer ralistes are great but the less I know the original to compare.
The clavinets are identical the original Hohner D6, especially on the keys are released (carctristiques noise). Try the effect with the CONTRL Intgr wha pedals.
FM Rhodes sounds are trsrussis (I compared with the real DX7), but I never knew what to do with his "rhodes" really typical of DX 80's, got question .
The string sounds are blah. Better to buy a violin for a PROMEGA This category.
The bass sounds are correct (bass, fretless Jaco in the bass / treble Caron) and sufficient to house an BMD or dial any more.
Hammond is two sounds pretty but without the Russian ractions acoustic piano / Fender.


I use it every day for 2 months and he rconcili with the sound of acoustic piano (before I did it more than the Fender).
Sounds monstrous, physical keyboard (even when adjustable for synthsistes slender) rponse the attack and feel sensational.
Possdais before I was an old Roland FP8 numrique. So I pass the 405 family Honourable the Ariane 5 rocket.