Kawai MP4
Kawai MP4

MP4, Digital Piano from Kawai.

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la_saucisse 06/30/2007

Kawai MP4 : la_saucisse's user review


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See previous ones opinion

the four areas splitables / surperposables will on the width you want, it's really great! DDIS aves its knobs for volume and other Settings, it's great practice for live.
CRER a can of multis friendly enough, or from the internal sounds, or a sound module that does not offer multis (like my Roland SC88), or a combination of sounds and internal expanders!

BMOL small: it is 17 inches tall! (He has a face quite original, I like the old cot Bouzin) so be careful buying a flight or a cover, it goes right in!


Trs easy to use, not need the manual for most functions

There's just something that bothers me: default, sounds are the sustain pedal RULES "on", which keeps the sound as the piano pedals: for piano, so nickel, but the organ, for example, the sound gradually decrease ...
it is necessary to maintain the pedals really sound, rgler on "hold" (off / on / hold, then)
but the next redmarrage bte: return "on"
this problem the solution (lightweight) is seuvegarder sound in a multi, the pramtre of sustain pedals as backup with, but it's a shame ...
Personal, I ddi 4 multi organ sounds DIFFERENT (I use a lot), rgls on "hold" well sr, and I (s) active areas according to my needs ...

activation areas, precisely, is via 4 buttons DDIS, left front, a little too prs got my keys, the provision is not (my opinion) the most optimal for a fast zapping (live, especially), but it is long.


Trs good pianos, missing for a few honky-tonk ragtime ...
Varis organs and friendly, though not enough "Cracra", you can add a distortion, but too lgre, be better to go through a multi-effect for a while Gonglis
damage: the leslie is "fast / slow", with determination of amplitude, but it lacks power rgler speed as desired, good point, the rapid transition <> is slowly progressive
super sound of Wurlitzer, who loves me .... Supertramp yahoooo!
trs own sounds for the rest, enough to make a bit of everything. on the other hand for the synthse sound, go your way.
Varis effects and effective must j'achte a volume pedals to play other than auto wah! on electric piano, a top should be too :-)


I had a few months, it is top, I really regret it!
on the other hand, its 24 kg (or something like kek a) are that for RPET 'j'emmne still my A33 etmon expander is biiiiiiien lighter.

CRITERIA taient my purchase (followed by my satisfaction):
- Good touch piano: I am not classical concerts, but I could no longer touch any soft / lightweight of my Roland A33) -> perfect
- Multi-zone, my expander gre not multi itself -> 4 zone configurable wish, excellent!
- Internal sounds (not having to use expanders JUSE to play a trick on the piano) -> 64 sounds, real good!
- Protection of multis in question! (Some keyboards-Matra have only two memory areas .....) -> 64 presets, trs well! and fiddling, we can get more: for example, zones 1-2 for a split, 3-4 zones in layers, even backup to a multi, and we pass groups of 1-2 3 -4 as needed ...
That said, playing in groups, and the need to maintain a sound homognit, it does not sound diffrent each piece! So with 64 multi, there's enough to make dj!

test the keyboard to the touch (you may not like), to test the piano sounds (some may not like), but a hand for CHARACTERISTICS, buy eyes closed!
and the look is nice, right??