Kawai MP4
Kawai MP4

MP4, Digital Piano from Kawai.

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wil78 02/02/2008

Kawai MP4 : wil78's user review


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Specifications and prior reviews have said everything.


I file a notice as this is my path: Budget 1000-1500 € and thus a choice that turns away from the start of mp8 and Rd 700 sx. I was looking for a piano for my home studio, I use a lot of vsti not lugging the project and use the sounds live. I tried: Roland FP4 / 7 mp5 kawai, yamaha CP33 and p140, casio 110,310,410.
To touch
Exit all casio/yam/fp4: I would say in the order p140 casio and then fp4 (toy and really too soft for me).
Next big dilemma and Roland FP7 Kawai MP5. Roland FP7: good touch, but too heavy, too much inertia. Compare this with an acoustic that feels really, I'm not confirmed pianist so I spend my way because this artificial burden will cause problems in the technical parts difficult.
And this offer: Kawai mp4 € 700 new! Vive balances buy eyes closed and then there I am delighted with the touch. By far the best of those I've tried (the same as the MP5).

Everything is clear no problem, used with Cubase SX3. The controls are really simple and fast, we feel that the look is really master keyboard integrated into the development of the keyboard, and then the four areas ... really great to control as much internal as external sounds. Manual clear and concise.


The sounds and effects, let's face it, are perfectible and Roland is in front but I use it with The great and there the comparisons end. Forget the layers of strings and synths, the EP right for me but I am far from expert.
The piano is good, although some resonances give an impression metal. However, when I do not want to turn on the pc to run a VST, I can very much work with the internal sounds that are fun to play.


It's been a month since I use it and I admit that in retrospect it would have hurt to put twice as much for a piano style fp7/mp5. The value for money is amazing so I put 10 saw what you get for the price. 1000 times I ever did such a purchase.