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stompboxjon 10/01/2012

Kawai MP6 : stompboxjon's user review

« Very good sounds and keys but the price.. »

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I have used the Kawai MP 6 many times, it is an 88 key digital piano loaded with 256 sounds. One thing I will say about it is, if you are looking for a stage piano or a good piano for your home then this might not be for you. They really didn’t put much effort into the “piano” side of it as much as they did making it more of a workstation type of board. The price is 1500 dollars and that is over priced in my opinion because you can purchase a full workstation for that price with many more sounds and features . And if you are looking for a great digital piano then you can get one cheaper than the Kawai MP 6. So the MP 6 is kind of an in between keyboard, and from my experience I have learn to stay away from gear like this. Yes, it does sound great and works perfectly , but for the price you can get so much more.


You can record with your USB drive in MP3 or WAV files with the MP6 and it has an on board 3 band EQ. the Kawai MP 6 does have realistic sounding piano’s and it is well built. My only issue with it is why does it have to cost 1500 dollars when for that price you can get a full workstation with similar sounds.


There are plenty of acoustic and electric piano patches on the Kawai MP 6 and all of them do sound very good. You can also hook it up through MIDI in/out. At first glance of the specs and the piano sounds of the Kawai MP 6 you will want to have it. But there are just so many other boards out there that have similar sounds plus more for that same price. The Kawai MP seems to also be a little heavier than the standard digital piano which if you are looking at it for a stage piano could cause a problem with transporting it from home to a small venue or wherever.


Overall, it is a very good sounding electric piano but after using it and seeing the price I was not going to spend that money for it when that money could get me so much more than just an digital piano.