Roland RD-700SX
Roland RD-700SX

RD-700SX, Digital Piano from Roland in the RD series.

jazzphoton 08/03/2006

Roland RD-700SX : jazzphoton's user review


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See detailed: everything is there.
Digital piano full + complete master keyboard.
A little more for the USB connector to connect directly to the PC.


Reach firm without being too heavy, rapid rebound, to the proper make notes quickly repeated with the exact nuances.

Response to the Settings button (5 presets + a 20aine nuances between each preset) from ultra light to super heavy.

[edit] I just compare it with a Yamaha S90 ES is not nearly as late in the adjustment of keyboard response: Only four presets. This can go for most players, but for those who like hammering in the shade, the S90 ES HARD same set will not be as expressive as almost always stop when there is no limit concerns force with RD700sx. [/ edit]

Manuel simple and complete.
Ease of Use.

Progressive sustain pedal! (Not the stupid switch on / off), to reproduce the effect of a half foot of acoustic pianos.


The sounds are good, in large numbers (more than I need actually).
Let's talk about what interested me most: the sound of acoustic pianos, of very good quality. There is choice in the tone, mellow to bright. A special mention to those with 88 keys were sampled one by one on 3 or 4 levels.

The "ONE TOUCH PIANO" has several settings to make the piano sounds much more alive. Include:
- Sympathetic resonance that reflects the harmonic rules between the notes played (dimmable)
- Sympathetic resonance when the sustain pedal is pressed (3 adjustable parameters, but much more accessible in the settings of the multi-effect)
- Adjustment of opening the lid of a grand piano (6 positions)
- Simulation of a recovery from dynamic or condenser microphones, and remote adjustable
- Each key (!) Can be micro-tuned as you see fit! (With presets and a 15aine user)

There is a way "pulls" for B3 type organ, in real time to adjust the various harmonics of the ... bleuffant enough, with an effect just as Leslie bleuffant.


I do not regret my purchase. I got more than I expected for the price and the price difference between a RD700SX RD300SX and is fully justified.