Roland HP102e
Roland HP102e

HP102e, Digital Piano from Roland in the HP series.

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Momo-piano 12/03/2008

Roland HP102e : Momo-piano's user review


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8 octaves, 88 keys (hammer mechanism).
Maximum polyphony: 64 voices
Consumption: 55 Watts
3 pedals: strong, sostenuto, soft.
2 headphone jacks (useful for four hands)
Midi input and output jack, input jack input, making entry Outpout
Two built in speakers.
Piano wood with protective cover for the keyboard.

Several possible functions:

- Registration of songs: you can record one (both) pieces, if you turn the piano off the power, the recording is erased.
- Metronome: metronome is internal, you can change the tempo, adjust the metronome volume.
- 5 possible instruments: Piano, E.piano (electric piano), Harpsi (harpsichord), Organ (Organ), Strings (a string), variation (can change the tone of the instrument)
- Two sound effects: "Grand Space" (make the sound deeper, giving the impression of playing a grand piano) and "Dynamic Emphasis" (used to add dynamism to the piano)
- Transpose two instruments at once (for example piano and strings)
- Some demo included with the piano (example: "Turkish March" by Mozart), folio also included.
- Share the keyboard into two parts for easy play 4 hands in the same register (two piano four octaves).
- Split function that separates the piano to play a different sound to the left hand or right hand (eg left hand bass, piano right hand).
- Touch Key function lets you adjust the sensitivity of touch: Medium, heavy, light, fixed.

Lots of other functions.


The feel is quite heavy and although the keys are noisy force.
No problem with the operation (fairly easy to understand).
At MIDI, I did not try to do.
The manual is very well explained with all the detailed functions.
Using fun and simple.


The sound is not bad, but it's still very synthetic, do not dwell on the sound of it as any digital pianos, nothing beats the sound of a grand piano.

No problem on the sound, it is still very correct and the power of the speakers.


I use this piano for about 6 years, it has not moved, works perfectly.
This is a great piano for beginners, although prices are (I purchased for about € 2000 nine), there is a good feature in the digital piano. It does not take place, do not go out of tune and blends into the decor of the house. (Available in white and black)

I recommend it for all beginners to start a small piano.