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Roland Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Roland FP-4

    Roland FP-4 - sergiosergio01's review


    88 notes, more than 300 sounds, full of effects, audio, integrated speakers, USB connectivity ... UTILIZATION Touch is very enjoyable. I had a FP8 and p120 possess before the FP4. This one is a touch ballast. The dynamic range can be offered is…

  • Roland FP-7

    Roland FP-7 - Anonyme's review


    Numrique Piano 88 keys (seven octaves + 3 Ratings) ncessaires at run classical pieces. 339 sounds, including GrandPiano1 and tone wheel organ ditables. MIDI ports (DIN 5 in / out and USB), audio inputs and outputs by Jack 1 / 4 "(+ between a mi…

  • Roland FP-4

    Roland FP-4 - Karadoc's review


    I will not go into detail, the person who had just put one before me has done an almost exhaustive. Digital piano (the piano range) 333 + kits percussion sounds 3 connections pedals 2 headphones MIDI ... Comes with a pedal (1 / 2 prog…

  • Roland EP-9e

    Roland EP-9e - abirato's review


    How many octaves? 88 keys - semi-weighted keys How many sounds effects available? Are ditables? 2 pianos (GOOD: glossy and soft) - EPiano (plutt variet that synth rhodes) - organ (of church) - vibration (ok) - choir (gadget) and strings (wir…

  • Roland RD-700GX

    Roland RD-700GX - twingocerise's review


    All in the specs. but a little clarification. There are three piano sounds and 3 "Rhodes"-like customizable ENORMISSIMES REALLY are. Level connections, is 4x times what I needed but I liked one that supports USB audio and connects to a computer as…

  • Roland FP-8

    Roland FP-8 - mikadomajeur's review


    This piano is trs fragile: the mcanique (toggle the indoor keys) noisy, is in a plastic couraging aging trs bad because it becomes brittle = everything dglingue ! (3 Repair Tool in a short time and the problem persisted)-trs touch is weird, little pr…

  • Roland RD-300GX

    Roland RD-300GX - sesquialtera's review


    See technical specifications on AF or at Roland ... UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is it enjoyable? Should you use? I tried it without connecting the power supply, just to the sensations at your fingertips: c'tait surprising but comfortable. …

  • Roland RD-700GX

    Roland RD-700GX - ssebs's review


    - 88-key hammer (progressive) with mcanisme of exhaust. Keys "ivory feel" less slippery (not smooth plastic) - 4 zones internal + external - 2 (a configurable out or through) midi out, a USB MIDI, a USB memory stick reader (to wav, mp3 and backup…

  • Roland RP101

    Roland RP101 - dyva's review


    Piano 88 keys UTILIZATION Touch heavy but enjoyable SOUNDS I rdige this post because I had the chance to try several MODELS digital and acoustic pianos, with a view to a purchase. I was able to compare with the Yamaha Clavinova pianos Rolan…

  • Roland KR-3000

    Roland KR-3000 - ddinside's review


    Piano numrique heavy touch Synthse its RS-PCM 32 Intgr basic sounds (can be many more (128 of memory) by pressing the "A" tone select cot + reverb and chorus intgrbr /> a pitch bend for to toy Intgre 2x15W amplifier 3 assignable pedals includ…