Yamaha Clavinova CLP-220
Yamaha Clavinova CLP-220

Clavinova CLP-220, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the Clavinova CLP series.

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Hipopo75 07/27/2007

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-220 : Hipopo75's user review


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88 keys - heavy touch (touch piano)
10 sounds: two grand pianos, electric pianos 2, two harpsichords, two organs, strings, vibraphone.
MIDI out
3 pedals. From left to right: soft, sostenuto, strong.
Record: 1 Track / 1 piece

Size: 140.7 x 42.4 x 81.9 cm

Weight of the piano: 42kg
Carton weight: 65kg

Available in four finishes:
- Rosewood, sober trs, trs class
- Cherry, trs clean, very modern;
- Mahogany, trs ugly;
- Black lacquered more expensive, but no class. In this finish, clavinova 220.230 and 240 are in fact ridiculous because only parts are lacquered. Yamaha could have made an effort even when, especially given the price that we pay this option is "black laququot;.


User manual
Trs is clear, nothing wrong.
There is also a sheet showing a hit keyboard shortcuts. This sheet is indispensable in the Premire weeks of use.
A booklet of 50 pieces of score music is also classic Submitted. The piano sr intgre well these pieces in its internal memory. A beginners will have plenty to do.
The mtronome
Simple. It is not because it is dsagrable adjustable volume.
FYI, I have a little over 6 years of piano derrire me. I play on the Gaveau family and have some fun during the Pleyel of my grand-mre. Regarding the touch of the clavinova, for short, I would say it is simply excellent. The touch of this piano numrique is clearly in the group of head of all those I've experienced.
Note that the keys make less noise, unlike some pianos a big o "plop" and "tock" is heard each time you press, even modrment, a key.
The pedals
- The soft pedals varies slightly trs trs patch, but not the tone and volume as indicated in the manual. To hear a diffrence PDAL supported and over, you really listen. In the beginners I had a doubt, I thought mine DCON and I'm all on the same MODEL vrifier store. Test me confirm that this silent PDAL indeed the just for show and / or esthtisme.
- The sostenuto pedals work well trs, even if it does not really utilitbr /> - the strong pedals - the only really useful - it also works well trs.
6 buttons, a volume knob, a start / stop, and that's it. It's minimalist. Some prfreront A model with a screen full of buttons, but I wanted something that looks like a piano, not a synth with a dash. Just a piano. MODEL With this, I have used.

In short, it's perfect, nothing wrong use. I put 10/10.


The grand piano is a simply sublime. The sound is beautifully rounded. It's like a grand piano. To play classical, one can better RVer. The very first time I heard him, I took a slap. Really.
In contrast, the grand piano 2, he, I like much less. The sound is a bit mtallique, acute, and I do not like this kind of stamp-l. To play classical, it is not the IDAL. But for those who play ragtime or jazz, maybe they will be delighted with this Piano2? I found mdiocre. It looks like what 'lon hear in other brands. If notes are beautiful and trs prcises, others as a feedback, and I find it really dtestable. Nothing to do with the Piano1 so.
As for other sounds, for what little I use them, they seem to me correct. Neither sublime nor ugly, correct.
The amplification.
The CLP-220 is fitted with a system that 2x20W. It's more than enough. It RULES volume knob to three quarters and we have a piano. There's really no need for more in his living room. For my part, I do not use rgl that half have more than enough to me. And my downstairs neighbor is probably also less EMBT.
The kill-joys say that the sound did not sound the same. That's true. That's true but ... Trs average level of acoustic sound, was there, and I probably prfrerais my clavinova, rgl large Piano1. And I do not even mdiocres acoustic pianos. There a. .. much.
For each technology, its advantages and inconvnients.
If you intend to play your piano with headphones, invest in a quality headphone. I have no less than 3 headphones (HD201, PX200, PRO550) and a lot of in-ear headphones for portable yet but I shall decide to invest, and I do not regret it because I hear the diff ence. I advise you to purchase a Sennheiser Hi-Fi. Or other mark but if you want a headphone open and Hi-fi. Mine is an HD595. He is currently 139 euros on the net. There is also a MODEL HD555 99 euros and is made of the same barrel. The HD515, it has lower reputable. These three headsets are comfortable and trs can be worn for hours without problem.
I deprecated the HD201 is a closed headphone so long tiring. Moreover, he did not sound fabulous. I deprecated the more prodipe PRO550 which is the worst crap I've ever given t have hands. This headphone is so low it looks for mdiums and more treble. To listen to hip-hop can be excellent but is it for the piano, no. For a, it must be headphones as neutral as possible.
It is better to play on a CLP220 with HD555 for example, that a CLP280 with PRO550. There is no doubt the above. So if you want to play with headphones, put the award, worth it.
If you are not and Fortun I can advise you a little in-ear headphones: the Sennheiser MX450 + of purchase for an extension cable as it is unfortunately too short. This little headset dfend really well. on the other hand, there will be more tiring than open headphones.

I put 9 / 10. I persist and sign, a grand piano of the CLP-220 is sublime. I have also not found a sound as beautiful at the competitors. I take back a point for Piano2 because it pales in ct, 1. Note: I test the clavinova suprieurs and unfortunately I made the same observation.


I would do it for 6 months and the same choice if c'tait again. The report qualittoucher & sound) money left on the floor all the others.

Play 3 am if we want is something absolutely gnial. I'm really happy to have trs plunge. I was looking for a piano for my apartment numrique a student, can not bring the piano Obviously familly home. I've long thought my purchase. MODEL buy a used or new? Buy clavinova - plbiscit widely on the web - or a piano numrique another brand? Buy the Yamaha MODEL first prize - the YDP131 - or save 200 euros more and have the CLP220, MODEL cheapest range of Yamaha Clavinova CLP? MODEL buy a first price or the average range? How long does it take to have something correct? Etc., etc.. I made no fewer than six shops in two cities diffrent to test the maximum MODEL and as long as possible. Even a piano score numrique expensive and there is little notice of the consumer. The only way to get it right: even self-test.

My opinion: the Clavinova are good reputable and it is not usurped. In fact, hard to do better than clp220. Finally, if: ivory keys and bne, even when it would be classier. And that of real wood plutt against plate. But hey, a hand, there's nothing wrong on this clavinova. At the touch, it's nickel, and its level, too. The models suprieurs worth it really euros Difference? If I had thought this is not the 220 that I bought. For my part, I found the GH3 too hard and chantillonage INTERESTED 3 levels but really not necessary.
May be the CLP230 is it for some INTERESTED (for GH3, the many buttons and LED screen)? ... May be the 240 is it for other INTERESTED (GH3, LED screen, the many keys, the dynamic chantillonage, USB, 2x40W)? ... But for me .... I, who wanted a piano numrique correct. Just a piano ... Being a piano, a, dj rev 220 does well, so why pay more? The rest is dispensable frills.