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thaisno 12/26/2010

Yamaha CP5 : thaisno's user review

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I finally could afford "the beast" (several months I squinted over ...
I give notice to hot, that I will complete later when I would have tested more extensively.


The keyboard is the first where I feel the material, one wants to touch and play (I have a CVP 405, one of my children at the DGX 640, j 'also have an acoustic piano U3 ...). At the touch is not the U3, but it's much better than the others ...

The use of buttons and functions ...
The basic manual delivered in French (cp5_fr_om_b0.pdf) OK!
As against the 2 pdf files to print it even'm not the top (at the cost of the instrument they could make an effort), especially as PDF "cp5_fr_rm_b0.pdf", Reference Manual, for all possible adjustments of the instrument soon becomes indispensable when you start fiddling with the settings to want the beast!
As for "cp5_en_dl_a0.pdf" Data list, then lists all sounds, all the trimmings, effects, etc. ...


Sounds, I discovered they are very good indeed, but should I study the subject at the amplification system (see my review of Thaisno on MSR 400 powered speaker Yamaha ...)


past few days ...
In the past I tried other models from the same brand, I also had the Roland, but that's what I thought best, and that suits my taste.

What pleases me most:
- "Good chemistry" between the quality of the keyboard sounds.
- The simplicity of design and the limited number of knobs and buttons.
- Easy to save its own settings in memory.
- The possibility to connect the microphone over.

What I like least:
- Too bad there have not had a small internal amplification as the CP300 ...
- Unfortunate that we should also put their hands in monaie for the desk top that fits!

For now I put 8 / 10, because I discovered ... To be continued!

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