Yamaha P-35
Yamaha P-35

P-35, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

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sw80 01/29/2013

Yamaha P-35 : sw80's user review

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The Yamaha P35 is a digital piano keyboard with a speaker system right on it. It comes with the full 88 keys and all of the keys are touch sensitive with a great feel to them. Out of all of the keyboards/digital pianos that I have used in this price range. This is one that just feels like it is the most well rounded. The keys feel great and the piano sounds are amazing for 400 bucks. This digital piano is not a workstation so there are no LCD screens or a bunch of knobs and sliders. But it has a very nice matte black finish and a built on music holder so you can read your scores right in front of you. I didn’t keep the music holder on the keyboard though because most of the pieces I play are by ear or I already have the music memorized to the point where I don’t need to look at the score.


I have been using this digital piano for a few months now, and to my surprise there are some other sounds on it. Some of the synths are pretty good. I was also able to split the keyboard and play with different sounds on different octaves like higher end digital pianos will let you do. There are 4 different type of reverbs, but they are pretty standard and do not give a lot of flexibility to alter them.


The P35 comes loaded with 10 demo songs to play along with. If you are a beginner this keyboard will work great for you because of how the keys feel. It will be a great starting point to work your way up to a grand piano. If you have been playing for a while this is still a great digital piano to have because it will give you the feel of a full piano without taking up all of the space in your house or apartment.


I am very happy with my purchase of the P35 and I look forward to keeping it for a while.