Yamaha P-35
Yamaha P-35

P-35, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

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Ohayo 11/07/2013

Yamaha P-35 : Ohayo's user review

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Keyboard 88-key hammer, with I / O Midi.
Heavy enough to carry.


Used primarily as a master for computer music (symphonic music), but also for bosser my piano keyboard.

After several days of testing have keyboards in this price range, I especially hesitant with its main competitor, the Korg SP-170.

In the end, I chose the Yamaha for a good reason: it has only 1 well - the first of his piano - but it is excellent. We really have a good feeling with this sound. I even sometimes prefer to real pianos (bad granted, located in rooms that sound bad ...). While the Korg had 3 or 4 sounds nice, but none as well as the piano.

I'd rather have one thing very well that means 3 or 4 +.

In addition to its sleek design is very classy.


9 because the piano sound is 10 but other sounds worth between 3 and 6-7 max!

The piano sound is not too slick, not too clean. Means more or less all the noise accompanying the string action. I think it's better than ts bcoup these sounds stereotypical, all clean and no personality, which all look alike.

Attention, against:
- The bass is enhanced / fat compared to a real piano. This does not displease me. They had sampled a Bösendorfer? ...
- The dynamics are stronger than on a real instrument. The "p" we get more "p" and "f" more "f". Bcoup with stronger than a true global dynamics. Again, I think it's great, it brings out the errors, it is good for to work.

For the second point, it may be way to adjust the sensitivity of the keyboard, see the instructions ...


Anyway, I've had 5-6 months and I find it excellent keyboard, and the quality / price bluffing. I'm not tired (I play 1-2 hours a day, for 6 months I'd be bored if the sound impression was that the bluff). Small flat for the pedal where the resonance is not very realistic.
Having a keyboard with a good touch and a piano sound as correct for 400 €, it is really stunning. Like what our time was not all bad!

It is useless to most expensive unless you want qqchose lighter or more good sounds (of rhodes etc. ... sounds EP and other harpsichords here are really rotten, I do not even know why they put them. They'd better put one on and sell € 50 less for me).