Yamaha P-105
Yamaha P-105

P-105, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

public price: $999 VAT
mrjason 11/01/2012

Yamaha P-105 : mrjason's user review

« great digital piano bad speakers »

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The Yamaha P 105 is a 88 key stage piano with a graded hammer, it only has 14 sounds but if you use it for live performance or on stage you will love the quality of piano sounds it will give you. This is the perfect performance keyboard. I recommend this digital piano to anyone who is a working musician. If you only need piano sounds then why go out and purchase an expensive workstation that has more than just piano on it. The Yamaha P 105 does not come with a stand or a bench. So you will need to take those extra expenses into consideration because some stands can get pretty expensive.


Setting it up takes no effort, just plug it in pick your piano then start playing. If you like how grand piano’s sound but don’t have access to a grand or baby grand then the Yamaha P 105 is the perfect replacement. Plus when you are traveling around you cannot take a grand piano with you though some stages and venues may have one there for you to use.


The Yamaha P 105 does have a 14 watt 2 way speaker system on it, it is decent but it could be a lot better. There are also built in drum patterns to play along with or you can use to work on your playing with drums like you are playing with a live drummer.


The only thing that the Yamaha P 105 could improve is the speaker system. But for the money it cost you cannot really expect to get a better speaker system. I recommend if you are going to get this digital piano to go out and get a good external speaker or monitor to use instead of the on board speakers. You will get a much better sound and a sound that will travel farther than the on board 14 watt speakers can.