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Desmodue 11/06/2005

Evolution Evs-1 : Desmodue's user review


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Expander 19 '/ u 1. Synthse three modes coexist in the machine, the Yamaha CHRE FM, phase modulation or "phase distortion" of a more Casio synthse additive. The classic triangle - square - sawtooth waveforms more complex (20 in all), the FM can be made with anything other than sinusodes, which compensates for 4 oprateurs available. Polyphony 16 voices, 8 parts multitimbral mode "layer" (bunk) or "split" (which provides a keyboard having "splittable"). It can breed two of these devices a "matre" and a "slave" to double the polyphony. 100 of memory "patch" of which only 20 (!) For the user, the rest is in EPROM so can not be changed, one of the big "bugs" of the craft. No effects incorporated, but two "drumkits" samples. For an era BCAN quite powerful and original.


Is that the Roman s'empoignrent ...
The front, though well supplied, does not allow the publishing of the individual but the edition of "groups" in multitimbral use, a lot of MIDI and audio rglages (pan, volume of each part etc ...). Edition for "deep" it is essential that came with the software, the more notice because it plutt "taking head". For those intresss I can send it by mail that the PC version (I also have one for ATARI, o ...?) but some sound banks and codes "SYSEX" for fans of programming that would be their own publisher. For the book (in English only) I could possibly make. Pdf file if there is demand.
In short, be less a fan of CAD is not really gnial ...


As usual the sound "factory" are .. uh ... trs gnral average. The problem is that there are a host! APRS, those of sound banks (in gnral made by users) is better, and even significantly. The programming possibilities are trs compltes (and complex), we can, with patience, get about the results impressive, but, except with synthse additive is little foreseeable. Raction of the keyboard is good and can affect a lot of the Controller paramtres external MIDI sound changes "on the fly". This machine is actually trs complmentaire keyboards, pads and other MIDI Controller at Evolution, we suspect a bit. With a "master keyboard" fairly well supplied with buttons it's really not bad. Gnral trs type sound in "FM", except in o synthse additive can sound more "analog".


I have over the past fifteen years, and it still works! So it's reliable. This is an original machine, sold few copies, with a potential INTERESTED. It is for the positive.
Ngatif for this machine is not sufficient of itself, it is essential for programming a microphone and a keyboard master-fully stocked with MIDI Controller. In fact the config 'which would be the era prvue is an Atari (or Mac or PC) plus 2 more EVS1 a keyboard in Evolution. Which case we must have a synth that kept the road (in the 80s).
Little things to finish: when operating power-odd, or no sound at all, bte open and change the button cell that makes the preservation of memory, then rebooted the whole following the procedure of the book. Too bad, your sounds great characters flew .. And since you opened it-yourselfers will find it in electronic full of empty so we can put a power supply internally or try to incorporate a multi effects rudimentary.