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powerchordfx 11/08/2003

Korg NX5R : powerchordfx's user review


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Audience: Beginners
1 / 2 Rack
1490 + 384 sound combinations ditables easily with a 64-voice polyphony gnrateur on his Korg and 32 votes out of the Yahama
1024 Effects of 8 banks of 128 (including a bank ditable)
Expander is compatible GM / GS and XG.
Connectors: Output L / R Jack 6.35, VCA input R / L (an instrument used to transmit the output of the output expander), MIDI In, Out and Through, headset and PC to host.
Software Included + Midi cable (cable To Host option)


The NX-5R is easy to use, the classification makes sense according to standard GM.

The manual for the use of oscillators is generally KORG trs clear. To use the card Yamaha, that's another story: we get it.

For those using an expander to play and the APRS dfouler evening job, I deprecated the NX-5R: changing effects and sounds, or other filters is super boring! It is difficult to make changes while playing (like to lower the sound one octave during the game, has taken three hours, impossible to live). In short, the expander résumé is easy to use, nothing complicated but it is anything but ergonomic!


Same if there are good sound, the quality of audio output is zero! Most DSP altre sound, continuous edit.

I really do not AIM!


View the time I put the selling price and the poor as I sold it, I regret to have normment buy this thing. For beginners, a must be gnral but if you are demanding a minimum, we must look more upscale (or other brand).

Since then I have a JV-1080: it is 2 million times better !!!!!!! And all levels, ergonomics, sound, etc ...