Korg TR-Rack
Korg TR-Rack

TR-Rack, Digital Synth Rack/Sound Module from Korg in the TR series.

Equinoxe30 02/06/2012

Korg TR-Rack : Equinoxe30's user review

«  Beautiful sounds of sacred! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Expander of the famous Korg Trinity, but with more sounds! (See above specifications)!


Korg when you know we found it easily, the screen is very large for an expander and not need glasses to see clearly! The buttons are very small on the other hand but react bien.Le manual is clear, no surprises.Pour edition of the sounds, it is not worth a PC, but thanks to the size of the screen (no buttons, small! ) we found it well!


Excellent! I have a Korg Triton TR but also really sounds best to me, sounds powerful and rich with very good dynamique.Ma preference on synth leads and pads, pianos are less good, the strings very well and good dynamic for orchestral sounds. The number of sounds is impressive (especially since the device was released in 1997!). This rack has a real personality sound (like the Wavestation) in my opinion.


I use it for now (several hours) but I have enough expanders / synths so I can get a good idea of ​​the machine in comparison.

I like synthetic sounds and webs, then I'm thrilled!
the least: the piano (but not the height of Korg ... especially for a device of 97).

Quality / price excellent when we spotted a good opportunity, the unit is worth (cost!) Is undeniable!

I remake that choice of course!