Korg TR-Rack
Korg TR-Rack

TR-Rack, Digital Synth Rack/Sound Module from Korg in the TR series.

Oliviercool 03/15/2007

Korg TR-Rack : Oliviercool's user review


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Sound generator in 19-inch 1U rack containing 4 x 128 sounds Combi mode and 4 x 128 sounds in Program mode = 1024 sounds in all! ^ ^ This is the rack version of the Korg Trinity.

In addition to regular MIDI interface, it has four audio outputs and, above all, optionally, an optical digital output with input worldclock (map Korg TRI-DI Digital I / F) four of which are carried out (Attention: ADAT only!).


Well, I have not had time to study it in depth, to be continued. All I can say for now in use - usability is that it has a large display screen and highly visible ^ ^


While there, the highlight of the sound generator is indeed the acoustic instruments: guitars - electric guitars - electric bass - wind instruments (flutes, flute, pan flute) - Accordions - Acoustic drum kits, and especially the organ are crying so realistic :-))))) Perfect for rock bands - hard rock - jazz ^ ^

As for the purely synthetic sounds, it's a little less clear: they are a little dry air. For the pianos, they are, certainly, but I would rather my Alesis QSR to do with realism as bluffing.

I do not sound entandu GM and / or XG: it does not integrate them? This would be a pity. I see him well in his further study.


For the price (I bought used for only 450 CHF - approx. 280 euros !!!), I do not regret. This module gives me the sounds of his acoustic rock - jazz I'm missing in my assortment of sounds ^ ^ And these are stunning realism ^^^^^ And in addition, it is only 1U high and that's an advantage, especially at the price where the rack cabinet ^ ^