Korg WaveStation A/D
Korg WaveStation A/D

WaveStation A/D, Digital Synth Rack/Sound Module from Korg in the WaveStation series.

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Omichelot 06/18/2002

Korg WaveStation A/D : Omichelot's user review


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Rack version of WAVESTATION EX 2 plus entering to go through the effects and XLR output symtriques.
- 4 MB of sound ROM in 20-bit
- 32-voice polyphony
- Multi-timbral: 16 parts
- Vector Synthse advance
- Synthse wavesequencing
- Synthse subtractive
Weight: 5.2 kg, but it will be a little crazy ....


This synth has trs sold poorly because of the mconnaissance vendors:
it is true that hirarchie is a little too heavy, in the sense that there are plenty of sub menu, but apart from that, it's one of the easiest synth to program that I know .
It sr, in programming, it's not a Nord Lead.


The sounds are placed in the lower medium. No agrressivit in the treble.
The effects are good quality and are numerous. It yammer a vocoder quality pretty decent but not great.
Strengths: sounds trs scrolls, deep ground trs, effective leader ...
Cons: lightweight breath with the entries, not rsons filters.


This synth Has Designed by Dave Smith, the inventor of the Prophet. It is full of possibilities.
Shame about all mconnu.
Thanks to its diffrent synthses this synth is difficult chantillionnable.