jmabate 03/05/2005

Roland XV-5080 : jmabate's user review


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Expander 2U, 128-voice polyphony, 32 multitimbral parts
sound module JD, super JV, XV and GM2
1152 patches, 64 performances and 23 preset drum kit in
128 patches, 64 performances and 4 battery pack in use
Waveform 1083 to 44.1 and 48 kHz
4 card slots SR-JV
4 slots for SRX
2 slots for RAM (in MB EDO 2x64) for samples Rugs (WAV, AIFF, etc.).
4 outputs or 8 mono + Stereo outputs numriques R-BUS and S / PDIF (24 bit)
Emplacelent a smart card with 128 MB MDIA
Screen 320x80


I RPET roland but for users, no problem but for others, it will have to learn to be patient before fully master the machine (note well done)


The XV-5080 trs many people, and JD Module Super JV forces, but this is not new!
when the patches they sound XV trs property but I have not seen a big diffrence with trs old
but there are also new converter technology and Difference (24 bit) which is also the patches JD and JV people much better than an XP-60 or JV-1080.
still all the Polyval SERIES JV XV XP on promne in all styles.
compatibilté with the old SR-JV cards is a great IDE and with the new SRX cards (like the last Fantom X6, 7 or 8) really give the machine a different dimension.
nothing but the possibility to read Cantillon in Stereo is terrible ... and the battery pack adchire attention ... ... ... such emotion may have a key, 4 waves or 4 dynamic diffrent for a snare drum for instance (by expressivit. against a Chow polyphony ...


Trs good machine for large programing ..!
people really good kit for batteries and patches also
remains even when a high-end machine, so beginners abstain unless the money is not a problem