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Plav Plav
Publié le 05/26/04 à 10:51
Rack 'all in one "composed of a multi synthesizer, sequencer, sampler multi effects .... so to summarize, there are:
128 see polyphony
AWM synthesis
FM synthesis
subtractive synthesis
integrated sampler (4 megs of ram home, 128 megabytes or less)
integrated sequence 100000 Notes
integrated arpeggiator (very full!)
triple multi effect with insert ...


Relatively complicated configuration (remember the DX7 when it came out ... and it's the same!)
Sound editing is simple for the average musicos, but very complicated (but so "juicy") when you come back a bit in the settings!

the manual is as clear as it is complicated! ...°-)


You can create sounds of breathtaking realism thanks to the synthesis "VL" (acoustic simulation) ... is a careful synthesis monophonic: that is why we "block" if you want to use dsp 2 with the synthetic sounds!: see the reviews below, but in my sax, a trumpet or a flute were never Polyphonic!
this synth has in addition to the algorithms of synthesizers additive, subtractive, FM, and as if this were not enough, you can insert your sampler and waveforms in your presets because it has a sampler of the type A 3000 (attention to slow loading waveforms ... speed is not his forte!


I use it for 3 years and I sold my Korg WAS, TB 303 my, my supernova and my Kurzweil K2500 as it replaces all of these machines perfectly graces more than extended its possibilities ... it's perfect for "technomans" because it can produce deep and ultra low fat, tablecloths scalable breathtaking and the sampler is more than enough (up to 128 megabytes of ram!) ... note: I never used the sequencer, so I do not know what it is worth
triple effect buses is of the highest quality and the arpeggiator is sufficiently precise to be able to recreate the game of a guitarist!

Brief: parfiat all the way and I do not agree with previous opinions! try it and see!!
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