Le cerf-volant 08/27/2008

Yamaha EX5R : Le cerf-volant's user review


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To restore some "relevant information" (not to use the term "truth") on this wonderful machine ...

The Yamaha EX5R integrates the various syntheses following:
- Sample reading "Advanced Wave Memory (AWM)" and subtractive synthesis [ie in particular for each item, a digital filter control + 2 static dynamic control digital filters (with envelope generator of 6 segments)]: 4 1 = its elements (max), with a polyphony of 128 items
- Virtual acoustic synthesis "Physical Modeling (VL)" equivalent to a map or VL70m PLG 150 VL: monophonic
Note: I have not tried to edit a sound ... I assume the limits of the system already ... Dito card PLG 150 VL
- Synthesis by "Analog Modeling (AN)" equivalent to a map or AN1X PLG 150 AN: monophonic or polyphonic depending on configuration "AN (layer) 3 AWM" / "AN + FDSP" / "AN (Poly) 2 AWM "
Note: When specified in the notice shown below that offers EX5R FM synthesis, it should be understood that the synthesis of AN Yamaha offers the option of selecting 4 algorithm for connecting two oscillators and the non EX5R provides FM synthesis as it exists on the DX7 and the TG77 with 6 operators or the operators FS1R with 8
- Synthesis "Formulated Digital Sound Processing (SPSF)" which is not in itself a new synthesis, but a system for handling very sophisticated effects, which is used as a supplement to the summary "AWM" for each note: This technology can be used only to provide 16 items of polyphony or the synthesis AN monaurally to propose eight elements of polyphony

Note: In the previous opinion it should be understood by "additive" that a sound can be made ​​up of four elements (subtractive synthesis and / or VL or AN) divided into Layer and / or split the keyboard and not that it is the additive as it is developed on the Kawai K5000 (creation of a frequency spectrum and adding spectra from February to June)

In addition, a further effect of good quality, the EX5R includes:
- A sampler, with a wave of 1MB memory (core) that can be expanded up to 65MB by adding a SIMM + possibility of an optional SCSI
- A sequencer 30,000 notes


Operation is simple ...
Note that for each page editing, the 6 "KNOB" are reallocated to the parameters and, in order to have direct access to the changes (increment / decrement) of said parameters.


The sound is true to itself, you do what you want ...
- Creation of its
- Sampling and work on the sample or a sample import WAV, AIFF and AKAI and what to mix it with other elements or other synthetic (or VL AN) or technology FDSP

VL synthesis coupled with a BC3 (breath controller) or an EWI is remarkable!

AN synthesis provides sound for my taste, as analog (greasy) that my MKS80 SuperJupiter (subtractive analog VCO and VCF) or my Kawai 5000S (additive)

AWM synthesis is almost identical to that of his "grand-son" the Motif ES

FDSP technology brings more and has other effects for the "Sound Design" ... But she eats a lot of resources ...


As mentioned in the introduction, I consider this wonderful machine as "Magic"! Like the Kawai K5000, Yamaha FS1R, the Korg WAS A / D.
The reasons for my recent purchase EX5R for this are as follows (given that I already have some machines and especially the small-son, my MOTIF ES6 doped with 3 cards PLG150 DX, AN and VL):
- Give me a second path VL: a synthesis "magic"!
- Offer me FDSP technology to explore the possibilities ... In this case, my EX5R becomes an expander Sound Design
- Give me a second way AN. Knowing also that the mix directly the EX5R AN AWM elements with ...
- Motif ES6 second my while providing a subtractive synthesis can be taken further and that, knowing that the EX5R includes a static filter in series and two dynamic filters, the Motif ES6 where only offers a dynamic filter element!

- A classic synthesis VL: editing sound does not exist
- The low polyphony when introducing technology FDSP

Thus, this machine is usually very undervalued and particularly under the altar of his age ... While it contains many treasures ...!