Clavia Nord Stage EX 76
Clavia Nord Stage EX 76

Nord Stage EX 76, Digital Synth from Clavia in the Nord Stage EX series.

funkygroovyrhodes 10/13/2011

Clavia Nord Stage EX 76 : funkygroovyrhodes's user review

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Keyboard stage with all the front and the ability to easily manage your library (with or without the computer)


The buttons / knobs fall under the fingers, all parameters are on the front so it's going fast, very fast.
Simple pretty effective practice (must love the red)
Well, they could find us feet that are a little stiffer.


Ah, the sounds, what happiness. I played on the Roland 300SX, GX 700, Clavinova, Yamaha ... but nothing beats the Nord Stage.
The Rhodes: why we buy
The Piano: The piano sounds are constantly being reworked by Clavia, and a free download on the Internet. The latest versions of the Yamaha C3 and Stenway are fabulous: deep, sympathetic resonance, attacque of the note by the fingers ... the richness of the sound of an acoustic piano has been restored.
Organs: Why lug a B3 + Leslie when you can have only 23 kg of Nord Stage. The B3 are nickels. My father was organist and when I did play on the NS, he was disgusted de'entendre a big sound out of a small keyboard.
The synth part: it is the northern most basic electro but I believe.
Effects: no bad effects. The effect section is superbly planned: easy to use and intuitive. Above all, finally, a keypad with effects worthy of the name. (My favorite: autowah2, reverb, comp, drive, pan)


Nothing beats the NS! Why do you say? I respond to that and for what?
Who: pianist who wants to play and not one who wants to program. It solves all potentiometers on the front and when his appointment is, we do STORE.
Why: the stage, repeated the work at home.

In comparison, the Korg SV1 is cold to the sound level.
The ES90 yamaha are good but less depth than a keyboard.
The Roland 700 ah the headphone is pretty as her, but plugged into a sound system, it will by no means the same result.
VPiano Roland: OK, the NSOs grand piano is a little better (a little only) but the price is changing: € 5 400 today