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Docteur Frog 08/27/2008

Ensoniq ZR-76 : Docteur Frog's user review


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If ENSONIQ Workstations have long séduitent professional musicians as individuals, ESQ1> SQ80> VFX> VFXSD> etc.. The ZR76 is the pinnacle in terms of technology and sound quality, only now it went totally unnoticed at its output for more than the Asian competition and sometimes the victim of an Operating System somewhat capricious MR (old version) and that's afflicted among the machines that plant.
While not at all ..

The keyboard as the name suggests is a 76 note semi-weighted very nice for parties Pianos & Organs but also very fast for part or Drum Synth.
We will find the pitch bend and modulation wheels and assignable.
And plenty of connectors for controllers and DC Switch behind the unit which gives it a true function Master Keyboard for stage and studio.
Side Effects:::
Of pure happiness when we finally starting to see take shape effect "Studio" as expected. No more Master Effects stereo or mono / preset. We combine, we cook! When you know that one of the developers at Kurzweil on KDFX attended the pros ZR is already comforting.
24 Bytes pros.


User side:::

The particularity of this instrument is that it's really, really dedicated keyboard players and pianists.
Example: I am again and it turns gimic a groove and that without understanding an unexpected improvisation finally I put the plan as desired. But impoosible to play it twice. Whew! I have the "Idea pad Performance recorder" which stores everything I play and I can find the best plan the last 20-30 minutes. Then you just have to copy and paste into the internal sequencer. And I work the plan at home after repeated.
Otherwise, users ENSONIQ or other marks will not be disoriented.


Side SONS:::
The ZR76 has 1200 internal sounds including the famous sample-Perfect Piano preset developed by W. Coakley.
This piano is to die. Ok now we find Yamaha and Roland workstations who know better and better emulate a piano sound. But as philosophy Kurzweil, can be perfect but the interest is to add a degree of error in harmonizing the approach and sound, so it is more realistic.
Given that the ZR-76 was launched in 1998, the time he had no rival except the K2500 (though more expensive).

Also featured is the entire collection sounds ESQ1, SQ80 (terrible), the most beautiful of VFX and the main series and MR K over the new ZR. It has, however, three ROM slots for card insertion (s) option (s). These slots are compatible with the MR maps and K. (Vfx not tested).

3600 - The Real World: 24MB expansion card.
3602 - Urban Dance Project: 24MB expansion card.


IN side::: The sounds, the number, Drum machine onboard, Delta Quantize the sequencer, SoundFinder, the sound palette.

OUT side::: sequencer 16 tracks that should be a little further if we consider the ZR in Stand alone, the 64 v polyphony (no extension possible), weight.

An excellent machine that begs to be played.