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voicetrack 03/04/2005

GEM S3 : voicetrack's user review


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A little-known synth injustemen! ! !

- Poly 16 (32 with Turbokit) multi 16, 3sorties stro

- 2 sound generators per voice (1 in 32 with the turbo or 2qui may be different waveforms in 16)

- 12dB/octave 2 multimode filters per voice (even with 32 votes with the turbo!)

- 2 MB of ram for sequences or the import of samples by disk or SDSmidi importables (via soft sampletranslator when you have not turbokit)

- Possibility to sauvgard whole ram on a static RAM (optional 60 euros) as a, no need to rechager samples and programs or sequences.

- 7 more faders and knobs assignable footswitch inputs any controller! ! ! 7 and assignable buttons.

- Polyphonic aftertouch keyboard, velocity and even to attack relachemen!

- Several megabytes of sounds already in the machine

- 3 outputs Stros

- 2 MIDI in-out-thru and merge functions, adition to the controllers to MIDI signals ENTRANS etc ...

- 2 generators chrorus effects reverb delay etc. ...


The machine is very complete and running with the Mac microprocessor of the time!

We can patoge a departing but after it's great.

The manual is even necessary quantities at the beginning but we win a lot of time demandan someone know.

The machine is quite logical as a whole.


The keyboard reacts great.

Sound origins are a bit hollow but when we start importing its own waveform is a killer!
The two multimode filters resonance (modeling) can be combined to form a filter 24dB/oct the envloppes are just editing and comprehensive. Each filter has an adjustable gain five positions that can saturate the waveforms. The cut-off of the two filters are sparments assignable controllers that can be assigned to the sliders.

When you put the filters on the way (open bottom with resonance 0), the sound becomes more present and larger (a reacts differently depending on the filters)

For cons, the multi-effect is not clean and beautiful vraimen

No portamento damage ...


You should be departing meter vraimen but the machine do everything and a master keyboard EXTREMELY flexible.
Its use in GM is not great, it is imperative edit sounds.

I bought it near the epoch + 13000F 3500F for Turbokit (about 2500 euros in total) which was still a good plan for the epoch that its competitor over the silent K2000 17000F no options and did not even have controllers!

View current rating is a good plan Compare vraimen other machines.

Again if it was not I buy a problem (but used) because it vraimen a machine do everything that does not sound bad at all when you know the exploit.