Korg 01W/FD
Korg 01W/FD

01W/FD, Digital Synth from Korg in the 01/W series.

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matz 12/22/2004

Korg 01W/FD : matz's user review


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https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/index, idfiche, 824.html


As with all pro synths, it takes a few hours of tampering to fully exploit virtually all the possibilities of the craft. The manual is quite clear and precise.

NB The floppy drive does not accept HD disks, but only the old DD (double density). It no longer being in business, the only way is to plug the hole (not the one with the valve), a floppy disk HD Normally with tape.


Sounds perfectly suited for fans of Prog-Metal (Dream Theatre, Nightwish ,...)... lovers of techno and other music made in the hydraulic press, go your way. Although it dates from the early 90s, sounds and effects are still relevant. The aftertouch is great and responds effectively to the touch. Only missing the arpeggiator.


I chopper to € 251 on Ebay, at this price is a flight. I never had before, but only synth digital pianos. I had the opportunity to play on a Korg Triton 88, and me right over her. And I must say that despite his age, 01 / W FD has more momentum and heat as the latest Korg (except Karma). For starters it's all good especially at this price. When I master it well, I will try to find the pro-X version.

NB: the ideal is to connect a sustain pedal for piano sounds and one or two expression pedals for modulations, volumes ....