Korg 01W/FD
Korg 01W/FD

01W/FD, Digital Synth from Korg in the 01/W series.

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Flashball 04/25/2004

Korg 01W/FD : Flashball's user review


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A great workstation: squenceur 16 tracks, sounds ditables, sounds rich and Varis (bcp bank exist), the combined effect of those apps for the PC edition of sounds and loading of new banks, a simple and effective interface, a simple design and lgant ...


The manual as extremely well done, one can quickly immerse themselves in the use of squenceur, which rvle trs done well over time. I find that when taken into hand, it is squenceur IDAL to climb rapidly for small DMOS. It is certainly not the power of Cubase and other squenceurs PC, but it quickly gets what one wants, no time to let slip his ides, great!

Concerning the edition of sounds, 9 pages allow you to tweak all possible curves: they are REPRESENTATIVES Fawn clear the screen. Of PC apps can be done directly with the field mouse for those who watch a notch prfre PC!

There are also a way 'Combi' to mix sounds 8 'standards', ca can be nice for example, the keyboard dcouper diffrent zones (an organ for the left hand bass and piano the right hand for example).


The piano sounds are correct, the organs are excellent ... Then there is a variation on available sounds incredible, difficult to give an overall opinion. Personally, I find the layers of trs good quality too. The drum kits are correct.


After 10 years of heavy use, and despite its age, it remains for me a synth workstation of references, I have to buy the same also in "88 keys / touch piano "is to say! I have trouble finding default ...

I think this is a good choice trs used.

And Korg is the seriousness, there is that Fran and see the site's forum, always ractif over questions that may arise on this keyboard, m Voil if I came out 12 years, it's always fun!

In short, if c'tait again, I start again (Besides, I recommenced ;-)