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strangenono 10/04/2004

Korg 707 : strangenono's user review


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4 small synth octaves with three basic + midi controllers.
100 sounds + 100 ram card


Jai no manual so I talk too much programming, but the combination has to be very interesting and gives good sons.Synthse FM => Carrera gallery!


Very good for FM sounds from strings, a little shabby, it would have taken two more oprateurs to give them the ampleur.Pas ralistes for a round, they are clearly for the retro lctronique . Nikel aftertouch, keyboard a bit plastic but good quality trs the beast is strong throughout. The best sounds are the bass and leads, hot and strong.


Frankly, the sounds are perfect for what I do, nothing wrong if you are looking for a good 80's ptillant or cold, it is for you in addition there are functions facade that makes the economy op operators, so in fact you got a little easier prs a DX7 but more for a set of sounds simples.En more you tap into bandoulire if you 're not afraid to have the shame and you you cheek! take it rather that a DX, the prog is easier and then if you want 1 or 2 operator of more, add an expander TX, CA is cheaper that a DX as they are in surcoats France. Especially make sure you have the manual with because if you want something other than the presets, it is imperative. I would do the purchase without hsiter that is a good synth FM trs rare and what is more, so if you come across one, jump on it!