Korg M1
Korg M1

M1, Digital Synth from Korg in the M1 series.

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therry 06/15/2004

Korg M1 : therry's user review


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See the list below;)


I spent hours, days and weeks on all aspects of the Synth. programming not squence not (I had not the computer era and I was all squence on the M1) ... excessive grinding sounds and frankly, it's super intuitive ... easy to use despite the tiny screen ...
hat designers.


Plantar view of its success, the sound of M1 is really too pronounced for me now. when you Coutes Queen's last album, well you recognize immediately the bte ... and suddenly, you hsites use it today ...

good, at the same time, I used to live, composed for 8 years and I have no doubt be super lass ...

in truth, I suporte over his piano sound and foil layers of strings .. limit the voices that e is really beautiful ... So today is unimaginable for me to put one of his M1 in my components .. So I use it as master keyboard.


In the era and I bought ... I do it again the same choice. c'tait the best .. o commercial success elsewhere.
but frankly, now I find the color too musical brand ... there are still guys who use it (I heard not long ago in a pub tl) ... Me, I can more, I have heard too much.

I shed a tear of nostalgia ... because he has much paul for 8 years and now he spends a cozy retreat in master keyboard.

Otherwise, in 8 years of concerts and always kind bowls mmorables ... I have 3 keys that cass and once the wheel ... all well kept ... So solid.
small precision, made the gaffe right in the super litium ... change the minimum every three years ... otherwise you paumerez everything in memory ... Finally, j'me'm actually have a time ...