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Gadz 10/03/2002

Korg X5D : Gadz's user review


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Synth 61 keys with pitch bend, modulation, possible connection of pedals on / off and a switch, all configurable.
Connectivity: audio jack, MIDI.


Operation is easy due to a "dashboard" trs accessible.
The LCD screen n'tant not rev the great edition of the request of many returns, but alls the functions and employees as diminutives common type of experts we do it too. Note that the screen is rtroclair.

for use MIDI idem, trs current. It seems that as the screen version of expander changes color depending on the GM / GS or XG.
Editing a sound: possibility to use two osciloscopes in parrallle, each with a basic sound and rglages Different. The work done on them (attack, release, VLOC point break, frquence cut, type of oscillation, the oscillation of action, etc ...) can not be separated to pass through the two effects that one can choose (ie double that osc. effect acts on the two osc.). These effects are conventional (The rotosphre is interresting).
It is also possible to combine up to 6 sounds "prog." patch in a "combination".
The number of users "prog." is 99 + 127 sounds GM / GS and 99 patches can be "combined".

When the manual is white, is described in black ink and number of pages is significant. It has all of the same small ct comprhensible - sometimes -


The sound of the synth gnral is good. He has a good "safe" but trs "cold".
The effects are not bad but do not want to change the presets too.
The diffrent variations of the same are not significant trs especially with its many rglages you can get the same thing starting from the basic sound. What he does on the 400 and some sounds we have not announced much after all. Attout The main thing is that when you have an ide of its structure, it was good rsultats.

Its good but its type synth type of very poor imitation. Sourtout pianos.


Synth gnraliste mid-range. This category in Plutt good.
Unfortunately, it is a handicap srieux the quality of the keyboard keys. I think you see through!