Roland V-Synth GT
Roland V-Synth GT
Deweak 10/04/2007

Roland V-Synth GT : Deweak's user review


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5 octave synth keyboard touch of good quality, but not exceptional. The V-Synth GT is the bard Controller in real time (see photos) and above all a touch screen that makes programming really easy and as fast as on a computer. A good edition because no software exists. A prciser: the Time Trip Pad requires a relatively large pressure, but a Kaoss Pad or the touch of my pav Z1, for example. It has a little consquent trend too easily disable my taste.

The connection is complte, nothing is optional: analog inputs and outputs between a micro dedicates (48V) for the vocoder and sampling, and out in numriques coaxial and optical. The class.

The memory is divided into several banks, as is often the case. Here we have for each project 512 patches, 869 tones and 999 samples. It has three effect blocks: one for the effects ToneFX covering modulations, dlais, distortion, decimator, one for chorus / phaser / flanger and one for the few and rverbes dlais. You can not get the block ToneFX APRS block Chorus, it's a shame.

The large black dot on the V-Synth polyphony, which quickly collapses when using complex waveforms VA mode or PCM mode VariPhrase. We then realized that this is a synth sound design destiny be used either in conjunction with other machines, or enrgistrement audio track by track. This is not a workstation, o the absence of multitimbral mode.

Only 8 / 10 because of the polyphony which, even in the field of prdilection the V-Synth GT can s'avrer limit.


Thanks to the great screen, the navigation is on-ne-be simpler. You click on a tab and a large page appears, with all the details in clear text. Abrviations not requiring the use of the manual (except for a list of Controller in the edition of the modulation matrix). The grip is comfortable trs, and the manual is only used decomplment information. on the other hand, we find no info on the import of samples in. Wav in the machine (I did a tutorial on this).

The edition of modulations may be a little more complte. While some machines offer more freely assignable LFOs and envelopes, this one has a LFO and an envelope module (oscillator 1 and 2, COSM 1 and 2 amp). It remains all the same right, especially thanks to the four step prsence modulators can modulate a large number of parameter.

For the rest of the programming of the sounds is good trs. In PCM, one can sample from the analog inputs, microphone, USB port (a driver is provided for Windows Whereas for the V-Synth GT as an ASIO sound output) and even resample the GT itself. There is also a sampler for mtronome in rhythm and insert effects using the plug (noise gate, compressor / limiter, EQ). The sample is quite edition of complte, and the possibility of manipulating the loop points directly affecting the waveform on the screen Submitted Whereas save time compared to other samplers. No need to use the navigation buttons: one button, it said.

The functions are fairly basic, however, include the automatic dtection region in a sample (which allows automatic mapping on the keyboard), the calculation of tempo of a loop for registration with the tempo of the arp giateur and effects (The argument "rate" to all effects and LFOs can be cal tempo).

After encod each sample can pass into VariPhrase, spcificit the big V-Synth. He can play any sound speed without changing its pitch (timestretching in real time), but also to vary the form of indpendamment pitch. The three paramtres (pitch, speed, form) are available any time via the buttons in DDIS faade or assignable to DIFFERENT Controller. This is powerful and trs trs to find quickly and musical textures INTERESTED.

In synthse VA, the waveforms are numerous and easily modified. With only one oscillator, one can obtain sonoritsdj much fat.

The AP gives synthse ACCS good expressiveness of the solo without using the bender or programming pushes the envelope and Controller.

Both modules include COSM various filters (including an accumulation of many Russian TB-303), the distortion (trs not aggressive) and other treatments to sculpt the sound before attacking the three modules effects. The sound quality is at the appointment, everything is workable and sound part of Fast Fashion.

The arpgiateur, for him to record in real time or not not. A pattern can be recorded diffrent in each patch. Nothing extraordinary here, but this module is nice.

Finally, sound design tools are many, many penss and high quality. The focus really does put on the ease of programming and the synth gives REALLY want to make new sounds. In fact, the program without really realizing it :-)

Scne for the CONTRL in real time are useful and very easy programming will integrate sounds. Another useful feature: the patch indpendante range of the classification of sounds in memory and allows the Manir the JD-800, to keep a fast 64 CASC sounds prfrs .

Another small regret: given the number of paramtres tempo-sync, I really find a tap tempo AIM somewhere. Small consolation: the global tempo of the device is physically Submitted as the tempo of the arpgiateur button.


The V-Synth GT is the synth sixime my set: I have a dj PC1x for the sounds of piano and strings, a Fusion 6HD for tablecloths, sampling, and the fltes combinations, a Z1 for sounds fat and full, a CX3 for organs, a K5000 for tablecloths swirls and sounds Crystaline. The V-Synth GT is an add idalie for handling samples in real time via the Fast Fashion Fast VariPhrase and sound thanks to espressi Controller.

The GT is ax to the synthetic sounds as natural sounds (except for AP MODELS string, wind and wood), but it excels in its field.

It is done all my expectations and needs, both live in composition. Due to the number of machines I have, its polyphony limit does not pose a problem to me but I do not understand why we can fall EmS this synth has never t sold as a workstation. Roland Fantom The series released for this use. The V-Synth GT is a synth for live sound and Fast Fashion.


I reu this synth a week ago. I loved the ease of handling of the machine and fast programming: it is childish CRER trs sonic textures and dense sounding "pro". The VariPhrase is excellent. I have not spoken in my review of the vocoder, which alone could justify the purchase of a V-Synth GT as it is of great quality.

The instrument is a bit expensive these days and saw his spcificit prsence especially on the market for machines like the Alesis Fusion can have standards trs cheap, but Roland has hits hard and delivers a synthetic finish copy the characters unique sound and design ingnieuse.

For now, I'm in love.