Roland D-5
Roland D-5

D-5, Digital Synth from Roland.

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spouks 06/26/2008

Roland D-5 : spouks's user review


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5 octave synth with the option of "move" the tone of an octave lower octave to a more acute.

controller "bend".

Audio jack connector, MIDI connectors (not used yet), sustain pedal jack.
How many sounds? As I recall, it must be in the 160, something like that. There is a little bit of everything, it'll instruments "traditional" things to room often unusable ... Polyphony, I know, but it's not a catamaran at that level.

As for his sound editing, for against, you will find a compatible card, and it is no small task, given the age of the machine ...

I went to 5 but I put 6 for exceptional strength of this synth. This is a rock metal!


Because the sounds are not models will without the card, and I did not, the general config for me is very simple! So, I do not even know what to say ... The manual? So it must be even more rare that the cards!


I'm not a keyboardist, and my style is going often synth. But when I use them, and ben ... Let's say it goes quite a bit in the mix, and only in the mix. That said, I tone right away: I sometimes felt that way also with a Korg Trinity, however, much more expensive (and much better, needless to say), and even with Oasys! I have trouble with the sounds a little cold, and yet I know that we should not rely on what the instrument by itself. Only all day, and there he is doing a little better. The sensitivity of the keyboard is of course limited. I did some piano and I love when it vibrates when it reacts specifically for the musician (or his mistake ...).

In the mix, the sounds of strings not go too badly, pianos are a little light, must try and wait for surprises. Afterwards, these should be recorded in a notebook, and here.


I use it sparingly for two years. I like its sturdiness, it's plug and play is something practical. It can act as a master keyboard for the day of retirement because he will not let you go ...

Of course I like less the absence of effects, some sounds are not really compelling at the same time it's low-end there is a long time.

For a hundred euros is a bargain because strength issue, the new prices that are just ridiculous for sound quality not necessarily superior.

Warning: if necessary to say, it's a synth without integrated speakers! If you have nothing to connect it, do not buy it, it will cost you too much. Unless you want to play with headphones, which is always possible, of course.

A funny thing that D5 ... When we bought it (several!), We had no choice. Now I prefer to wait a little home studio use it to see what he can give. My provisional rating is 6. Because hey, it's a weird synths entry-level ...

Edit: after use for models, I remain cautious ... I do not change my rating for the moment, for lack of arguments to present in one way or the other.