Technics WSA1
Technics WSA1

WSA1, Digital Synth from Technics.

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gravili 01/03/2007

Technics WSA1 : gravili's user review


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Demos at:

61 keys, aftertouch, keyboard resembles a 01W/trinity/SY77. It is good and we play very well on it, hard enough for the piano and soft enough for the organ.
There are 5! a pitch bend, two wheels and two balls. 5 controllers is great, everything is assignable. It can even control the resonant filter of an expander.
More than complete since there are two sets of MIDI!
Patch: 4 banks, User1, User2, Rom, GM (128 sounds each time)
Combi: User1, Rom
64 tracks
The screen is huge and well lit. It is not particularly beautiful graphics (less that a triton or trinity) but we see very well and everything is very clear. The buttons on either side of the screen is super practical.
-Nearly 15 pounds


Demos at:

Machine easy to handle. I regret that there is no presence of a DEC / INC for sounds. We must each time select a range of 8 sounds (you can freeze the screen) and then tap one of eight sounds. OK it is very fast, but it would go faster if we had a + / - or if you could type a number of its direct.
Editing is superb graphics and very simple. Nothing to say on this side!
Totally inadequate, missing lots of info. How is it for that ... guess!
It is very intuitive. Without too much searching we finally found what you're looking.


Demos at:

WSA means Acoustic Modeling Synthesis.
It simulates, emulates, is modeling .. of acoustic sounds, recreating an attack, a strike etc. .. Yes ba the result is pretty bad. Ok, I managed to get some great sax but almost everything! Not rated this frankly is not very successful.

But then what is this synth?

This is where this machine is interesting.
The WSA has a drawbar mode, ie the organ drawbars. And quite frankly he is doing really not bad. Lots of fun on it, everything is paramettrable, Leslie effects with high speed, low speed, frequency, etc. .. The unknown side of the WSA is really excellent is even why I bought it.
When you listen to the sounds of origin in the User Bank, we understand why this synth did not work. They are so bizarre that one wonders if there are good sounds in it! In searching the net I finally found what I wanted. I have bass sounds or webs as strong as my AN1x.
We should not seek to 14h MIDI, you can obetnir a good piano sound and that's it. It is not very strong in this area. I found one or two sounds good but all the others are similar.
Again he can do very good things.
Two good three violins
Brass zero
low average
good battery


Demos at:

If you want realistic sounds of brass: n NOT BUY this synth!

He excels in the organs, and synthesis. Attention to the output amplifier can be enormous. As soon as possible I put examples of sounds!