Teenage Engineering OP-1

OP-1, Digital Synth from Teenage Engineering.

djama 08/27/2014

Teenage Engineering OP-1 : djama's user review

«  One of my best purchases »

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Technically the side small studio + synth + sampler while one is super successful.
But this is not a QY for example. It's very different even. Less editing capabilities or arrangement, less notepad, but more "instrument", more intuitive and more personality.
Possibility to connect to the computer, but I do not do too much except to transfer the sounds in two senses.


it's quite different from work on a computer, but we made it very quickly, it is not completely weird. The design helps a lot. It's intuitive and constraints become engines for creativity.
Well, 2 x more tracks that would be cool though.


Sound that has a lot of character. A little lo-fi some say. In any case it is typed. The effects are effective, but few parameters of good quality and well-chosen.
I really like, I guess it may not appeal to some.
When I use it, the sound quickly ladle the side flying lotus, but I like it fine.


I've had a few months and I just think it's one of my best investments!
I had serious doubts, the next object pretty hipster made me a little scared. Critics not reassured me. The price made me a good laugh too. As against the somewhat toy I liked (I'm quite a fan of his boiboites).
The few demos I saw also let glimpse many possibilities.
Finally I needed a portable solution to my travels I came across a good secondhand, so I tested. It was a very good idea.
The possibilities are enormous. It is truly portable: with a small headphone and zoom it is completely autonomous.

So it sounds expensive, but I do not see what other machine offers many options of this quality in such a small format.

On it is a secondhand business. on the other hand, you better be sure of his needs and not buy without knowing what it really because otherwise we may be disappointed (few tracks, limited edition, synth sounds and colorful sampler ...)