Teenage Engineering OP-1

OP-1, Digital Synth from Teenage Engineering.

Vco123 08/13/2014

Teenage Engineering OP-1 : Vco123's user review

«  Sympathetic but ultimately useless ... »

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Small keyboard and knobs to look cheap but very sturdy and comfortable to touch.
Limited connectivity.
Sufficient polyphony.
Bank of techno / electro oriented sound.


The ergonomics are exemplary, with the multifunction display in superb graphics.
A special mention for different types of innovative and thoughtful sequencers, real time recorder, mixing tracks


The low point of the machine
The possibilities grate and sound synthesis prove quite vast and innovative, but it rarely gets musical sounds balanced.
Banks factory sounds - music oriented - electro can have fun at first but soon get tired of even the sounds of techno fan I am.
Any K2000 used 500 euros will be 10 times better, and the size of the RAM was easily allowed to house these sounds in an OP-1.
The prize will go to the sounds of drums, I have not found a single kit actually usable! The hi-hat is too strong and too much in the mids, not enough bass kicks in, snares ... not clear enough. all sounds like a soup stuck in the midrange


One can only applaud the concept, innovation side synthesis and sequencing, robustness and intuitive interface.

However, side tone, it quickly becomes disillusioned. 850E to nine, it is expensive.

It's a pity it would have been technically possible for the designers to propose OP1 with much better sound factory without it costing them more. A little more programming or import sounds from the "brands" ...