Yamaha DX27
Yamaha DX27

DX27, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

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man machine 07/31/2005

Yamaha DX27 : man machine's user review


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61 synth keyboard type but not dynamic touches.Toucher VLOC detected via MIDI.
Controller: Pitch wheel, modulation, breath controller, taken to sustain pedals.
Main output jack 6.35 mm, 6.35 mm jack phones output.
Midi in, out, thru.
No internal effects, but the possibility of phasing in dsaccordage op.
192 factory presets + 24 FM 4 user.Synthse oprateurs complte edition.
Polyphony 8 voices.
Portamento: 2 modes.
Pitch bend mono / polyphonic.


Like any synthtiseur FM, it takes some time to adapt to understand the principle of synthse uses the Fast Fashion DX27.La sound is simpler than a DX7 since it is one version Allgemeine (4 oprateurs instead of 6 on the DX7).
2x4 Accs sounds via banks 24 each + 1 sound banking user.
The manual can become familiar with the main functions of the edition and paramtrage synth.
Complete manual.


Ventail The sound is quite wide: the typical FM sounding brass to synthetic, white noise, synthetic percussion, organs, effects spciaux ...
However, do not expect the sonoritsralistes with respect to acoustic instruments, which are not the primary purpose of DX27.
Despite the lack of rel-time controllers made by the two knobs of speech and pitch bend, the expressiveness is quite good, with multiple opportunities for rglages LFO, envelopes ind pending for each oprareur (oscillator), and their dsaccordage.Portamento and pitch bend parameter.
The DX27 can produce sounds hyper aggressive or distorted when pushed to its limits, but can also be sweet trs.


I possde my DX27 since 9 years and I have not made the rounds of its possibilities.
Its strength is the total shipping for the settings of the sound, it is also its weak point for those wishing to obtain a sound without breaking the tte.Les the pRSET are for them, ditables with backup (internal and sysex).
C'tait 2ime my yamaha PSR310 keyboard an APRS (arranger low end rev limit and Representative for me into the wonderful world of synthse.
I pay 700 francs in 1996 and is still the hill that he actuellement.Si you find one, jump on it (I trs subjective)! At this price, you have sounds grimey hope, voices of Martians, rage and tenderness, and full of sounds many typs 80's ...
I love it and I do not let go for anything.