cob_wirman 10/16/2006

Yamaha S90 ES : cob_wirman's user review


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88 hammer action keys with pitch bend and modulation, sounds and oscillators at will and the almost inexhaustible effects.Instrument very very very full. The key is perfect for the piano solos are very fast as possible. The synth is remarkably beautiful in a studio like a stage.


If you're used to, learning is rather simple and fast, otherwise you have to go to start running out of time to walk four to play lol. Nevertheless, it is very nice to know quon will probably Jaime turn the whole machine. I have more cons in graphic-house because when you are not used to nest the filter and amp section in the edit, it is hard to understand the operation and manual nest not very clear on these points. The pitch bend is accurate and Monduli too, I do not think they are too far vrm.


I dont sit down much but the S90 ES synthesizer is fabulous in all the voices in all categories. As against it is true that looks like the configurator yamaha it wanted to focus on the effect of several sounds that are too prononcé.Je plays classical and metal (as asser large fan lol) and its me all agree. Java like a square osciateur clearer and smoother and saw a little scratchy on the other synth and sound module that jai esseyer. The electric piano is a little dry but you added an oscillator pad smouth more as background and all s'arenge. The performance is also very well thought and really enjoyable. The key layout is very average battery but you just have the sound or you want very easily. A well placed shot is the total destruction! are the base drum, snare, tom, splash, Chiness ... are all fabulous. The only thing I wish I had more java on the machine is fixed on the velocity of each oscillator and each voice sounds to keep the performance of such a live setting. the CEPA are cool but not nest a function that I used a lot. The effects are to die and infinite! . The piano when it was very realistic, but when we play fast like the mozart one is better to put a hard button on the menu utiltity, allows us to hear his chaqune notes very well. The performance is FABULEUZE dynasty and flutes are really amazing.


JOperation this S90ES presqun years since I there are still many aspects that I do not know. When I go to the store and jai Muzique apersu jewel is there no way netai Jachet something else. Beauty, accessibility, quality and .... guaranteed fun. The weight is more sure is default if you want to live a little, but its not very serious, the value for money is outstanding. Seriously I did not find any major fault and I am a S90ES XTREME satisfied with my purchase. The choice you stand is also very important.
JesperE could be guided in kelkun are buying!