skyjazz 12/23/2005

Yamaha S90 ES : skyjazz's user review


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See above.


The machine is not easy at first, all the sub menus are not justifis.mais little by little we enter the Yamaha system. In fact, we forget the complexity thanks to the quality of clean and beautiful sounds. the edition of his looks simple (it is changed by 2.3 sauvgarde "click." manual is itself is a horror of inhabitants as in yam ', even as it must be complicated to be as complicated .... n the instrumentation is in any case not for the amateur dedi.


We can do absolutely everything thanks to a wealth are Ingal. dimension specially for the piano, the bass against, and percu kit. the ep mal.j not 'have a rhythmic sequence against low battery on my mc 303! ca turns to death .... the sound is huge ... there are a stone's Revenge default level VLOC especially for the piano sound. but I think the parameters can be refined (8 just for the Veloci !!!!) electro sounds are good but nothing beats the AC analog. what it says c is quite possible to make trance, house, techno, but I think that she really did not STUDY for t ca (try to grate the filter, LFO, effect, with four sliders and a tone of sub menus) no live handy for those styles. the mega voices are now editable (not like the tyros) and ugly of a seqencer larpegiator, exellent also on guitars.


I use it for one day and you think that I did not sleep much that nuit.le more: the sounds, touch, rich voices and are price! The least: the sub menus, the user ' emploi.j 've tried the roland rd700sx and triton.le S90 ES is out outclasses everything. does not compare buy more eyes it is not so heavy that a fly box ca.avec semi rigid ca without problems. The report price is the best quality of what I tester.avec the experince I do it again a thousand times that choice.