Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX7

DX7, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

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elipicerie 08/02/2004

Yamaha DX7 : elipicerie's user review


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A keyboard mastard enough, great ergonomics, polyphony 32, noon, dx wide, the supermax not buy the e! , The arpeggio and the famous 6 ossicalteur LFO, portamento, then controlled by a PC supermax I think the die
even if possible square c
, Directly fo really be a developer, g programs, may I m not outgoing.

of charisma (the DX7)


It should not be pressed, a force to manipulate manipulate .....

pratik not to live, if you already have 2 or 3 machine you take it personally fodrai 4 hands after more than a year, I'm getting good marks, ilfaut manage the supermax!
the sounds make me forget so much traveling ke j ca ....

Midi Quest XL, ca if I can stuff myself to directly control every parameter of a mouse click


Simply impresionant Ave CUNE distortion or reverb, and even without sound are really egg, ilfaut honestly say also uses ke j Midi Quest XL with,

g and a Bank of evil done

g put pedal to the nuts (just a touch all or nothing) and c genial Here

then between the sysex, the note can send machines ke, ki l ARPEGGIO hard all the pedals ...

JFE much bass sounds of jungle, trance, rhythmic bruitale, the koa 80 years, I uses fabulous bell, and the creator of the sound mode supermax


I just spent 10 hours on it today, with a 17 rx, a tr727 and a sampler, I just tell Vou
ke g if arrested, including c ke g Paske for FOA, g not lost sounds, and I se ke tomorrow I will do it again the same.

moa for this machine is a killer.

j even have to be on two DX7, carremen, mainte fo ke y j bought a large table (dining room) and mix

If any one the arpeggio control via a pc, it would mean to a control program of some supermax ki bugg, I die on the spot ... but called me