Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX7

DX7, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

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wijzz :8) 03/01/2004

Yamaha DX7 : wijzz :8)'s user review


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At risk of sounding too biased, I can not let the DX7 with notes as bad! When it comes to making a synth for the stage with studio use as well, we must believe that the DX7 was firmly rooted in my subconscious. Like a mantra subliminal, DX7, DX7 ... I naturally oriented one occasion of this legendary synthesizer how to: there are spoiled for choice. For less than 400 euros with various options following vendors, business abound for this synth I have found beautiful: an indefinable color (black at first, but actually a slightly metallic plum), screen-printing table as math, buttons and soft green flush nicely aligned, two dials configurable keyboard 61 keys to touch soft but expressive MIDI implémantation pioneer (full incidentally), a cartridge slot so old game console, and my friends, a monumental weight! Forget the look and toc plastoc some synths, this one is cut in the cast! Provide a solid cover for transport! Curiosity: the controller of breath, quite hard to find now.


There is no easier and no more complicated than most recent synths where a button 10000 cache functions. Everything is chosen in relation to the different colors of menu. If you want to tweak the sounds, you can find happiness at the cost of spending hours: this is not the intuitive analog. If like me, you want a keyboard stage or studio cheap, very well made and most importantly, totally timeless, you can not go wrong. But this is largely due to the fact that with a PC MIDI + + style DXManager dedicated editor, you have access to an online sound library royalty-free saving you the unbelievable tedious hack and presets a bit "light ".


This is where we fall back into childhood. At the turn of the choice of sounds, are connected and the flashbacks we realize how the sounds of the DX7 were predominant in many productions of the 80s. The largest used it and there is always a sound that reminds you of something, even diffuse. Still valid, it comes into its own in any musical style although FM synthesis does not reproduce all types of sounds to perfection. Do not have internal effect it will be important to associate it with a good reverb (as was the case in the 80s), sounds a bit dry sounding alone. If you liked the sound of the 80s, the DX7 is for you.


It's been three months now and I never get tired. On stage, master keyboard or to spice up your compositions, it is great. For 300 euros on average, why deprive yourself of such a beast? It's a love story. The DX7 equipped with a card type or Supermax E! brings their own set of additional features but mine is raw casting, always brings me something new, even without tinkering (I prefer to hack into analog). If the first few listens seem disappointing especially with the presets, take a step back and wait to find (or hack internet) sounds enticing. And then you realize how much this synth sound is full of treasures to exploit or repurpose. A word to the VIVA EL DX7!