Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX7

DX7, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

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Chris.angel 08/09/2002

Yamaha DX7 : Chris.angel's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is legendary synthtiseur pluttdroutant. It should reconnatre in 1984, Yamaha broke new ground with its technology modulation frequencies. But she did not try with the DX7, add some other function. We end up with a pure and synthtiseur POINT FM. No effects, no Stereo, no more than a forty sensitive keys (!!!) to program sounds.
The software versions and the many that followed dclinaisons fortunately fill these gaps (the normal era).

THE FIRST version has 16 voice polyphony, 32 patches for memory, a slot for cassettes patches ROM or RAM and a relatively low frquence of Sampling (sounds, frquence leve, lose their clarity.


The new edition sounds Relva patience, calm and good luck!

With 130 paramtres accessible by touch-sensitive, the DX7 is far from the analogue synths and analogue to pseudo-CONTRL really intuitive. Only a slider to vary the values ​​of a parameter given.


The sounds are all gots. Their quality too.

Intrinsquement, the sound quality of its dclinaison dpend DX7. The first DX7 are average quality, especially when mounted in frquence (Sampling problem of low frequency drives).


The possibilities of sound are almost endless. Fortunately, many musicians have engaged with their patience and Dvou Fast Fashion. Sounds are now available on the Internet by the thousands. Their crateur thank you!

With these, it then has a really great machine for a small price (Maitenes, not 18 years ago -> more than 2000 euros). The variety of sounds available is poustouflante. And machine, combines good effects processor can still be the height of some existing competitors.

And, as shown in current trends and new machinery, synthse FM is not dead, far from the!