Yamaha SY22
Yamaha SY22

SY22, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the SY series.

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Illustra 09/12/2005

Yamaha SY22 : Illustra's user review


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Synthse FM coupled with sample AWM 2opFM/2opAWM
Synthse vector with its joystick

Possible to edit with or sysedit tg33editor
64 + 64 preset preset ROM in RAM
Single + multi (8 instrument. Possibility to put them in bed for solo percussion)


The use is very simple, it quickly select presets in both single multi.
The edition, is more laborious because buttons are not well adquate notch and can only display information so you have to play with the buttons. The hardest part of the SY-22 has to take his courage with both hands to return to the edition as it is unfriendly to trs probably the edit menu, but once you enter this wonderful world we realizes that the factory preset capabilities are far from the craft set from the preset 13, 23, 25 which gives you an overview of the heat of the machine. The organs are beautiful and some wind instruments (flute, trombone, etc. .., drop the sax). I use it mostly in sheets, strings, wind instruments and leads.


The SY-22 was first coupled with an FM synth player to sample (the 90s) so do not expect a piano or acoustic guitar because it is not for a, its mission is groundwater volute is said because there is little to make it look Joystik Inova. But he hides a derrire this possibility on the lower, the DX the violins, the noises, ... but this requires the rub bte again and again. And then they come these low heated through, enveloping his violins and the DX exploded brilliant. The sound is not a pure claret because sometimes there a little breath, but it is the quality for those who love the sounds live because in the moments it seems to have a machine with a touch of motion. Honntement who takes the trouble, we get more about the results expected. Coupled with the SY effect processor such as an internal MIDIVERB because the effects are not large bills especially reverb.


The SY-22 is input into my life for less than a year and I did not buy it because few people are promoting, directing more j'tais in roland analog sounds with their claret and heat and then historically j'tais when very young, the SY-77 made me RVer for want of anything better then I turned to the SY-22 mainly for its qualitprix.
I do not regret my choice because it is in the spirit in which I synthse a DSIR beginners: a simple and not time-consuming programming and especially the possibility to use it as a keyboard matre because I like the two big wheel picth bend and fawn yamaha Intens. modulation (probably used by game).
Note: do not try ROM cards, it will not give any more. Try to look for plutt patch on the net to even see you even edit.