Yamaha SY22
Yamaha SY22

SY22, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the SY series.

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Fenschlive 03/18/2004

Yamaha SY22 : Fenschlive's user review


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My first synth!! So I would not be objective as I enjoyed the torture machine
Style of sounds: gnraliste.


The principle of the joystick to assay four layers of sound ... I was gnial reproduces quite complex synth sounds with this little synth and without making a study of eight days of the manual


The quality of 2MB of sample leaves to desire ... it blows a lot ... but in a mix, it makes good ...
forget the acoustic pianos raliste but drums, bass, organs, or pad the strings are nice, brass dynamic


I sold it for a Korg X3 there are at least 10 years but my sequencer coupled alesis MMT8, I took up a schedule of hellish nights entires in my college ..., O)
You can find it cheap to OCCAZ ... if you have a small budget (300 euros max) is a nice purchase ...
I cost the Roland D10 and D20 before buying it and for me there was no picture
It was the ancestor of CS1x even if the Yamaha synthses are not comparable but I think I made the right choice the era according to my budget limit (f 6000 in 1990)