Yamaha SY22
Yamaha SY22

SY22, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the SY series.

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tchouktchouknougat 06/08/2005

Yamaha SY22 : tchouktchouknougat's user review


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Keyboard: 61 keys, VLOC ATM.
Type Synthse: Modulation frequency drives oprateurs 2, Reading samples, wavetable, vector.
Waveforms: 128 waveforms sampled waveforms and 256 FM. A resolution of 12 bits and 2 MB of samples.
Polyphony: 16 voices, 1 4 sounds per voice.
Multitimbral: 8 votes.
Number of Gnrateurs: 32 lments.
LFO: 1 per lment.
Envelopes: one for lment, 5 segments.
Filters: None.
Sound: 64 presets + 64 prog.
Combis: 16 presets + 16 prog.
non splitable.
Display: LCD (2 x 16 since) + 2-digit LED.
Portamento: No.
Effects: 16 effects stro.
Audio outputs: Stro.
External Storage: Map RAM, ROM. Sysex.
no squenceur intgrbr /> Weight: 7 kg.
Dimensions: 98 x 9 x 29 (WxDxH in cm).

Pitch bend and modulation ... as the majority of synths.
1 set of 61 drum sounds dated, but the era conformity.
Possibility of combining up to four sounds together (Multi mode) thanks the vector control and CRER sounds quite complex.

not too bad for the era report quality price


Synth globally accessible. edition of the sounds is quite comfortable, however, a BMOL about the size of the screen which makes the complicated programming. the vector joystick control allows you to make changes INTERESTED sounds.
the manual is clear plutt.


I think the sounds are of good quality. the layers are deep (used by moby notament), the sounds of cool SERIES dx. they can play any style of music by marrying well with other instruments. However, if you are looking for ultra sounds ralistes ... this synth is not for you. the black dot is the breath ... ... I must admit that a m'nerve, but good by any rglages on the mixer, I can hide this odd. for the rest ... anything. and if we take the trouble to grind a bit, we can draw sounds super INTERESTED.


I got it in 1992 ... and I can not get enough. it has a touch particulire ... I like it, e'm not objective. It is always simple and that it is happening everywhere.
I really like the joystick synthse vector.
the size of the notch pliat me much less.
I had tried many before that the price and quality report, he did not. I did not pay too much (everything is relative ...), because I had bought just before the release of that silent little SY35 prs the same.
I do not regret my choice and I do it again if necessary.
The problem is that today I have a lot of space, lack of space I leave more often than right in the corner ... for the benefit of latest issue MODELS.