Yamaha SY99
Yamaha SY99

SY99, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the SY series.

Hub29 11/01/2010

Yamaha SY99 : Hub29's user review

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Keyboard 76 notes, good touch " synth, very good very strong because: Mechanical, no problem contact button. I insist on quality workmanship of this keyboard, you're not in the Roland or Korg.
128 pRSET non-modifiable, 64 singles for the clean sounds + 64 supplmentaires on a map, 16 multi programs.
Squenceur in song / pattenr 16 tracks on very full-function master keyboard with Memoirs of 4 areas, lack of controller.

Very good audio converters, very good multi-effects (with an Aphex Aural Exciter home) than full-sounding FM gives another dimension. The sound comes through a dual stereo output

Double of synthesis engine, an engine 45 FM and 6 Algorithm operator instead, by consquent is a real synthesizer, and a subtractive synthse based samples either in ROM or RAM and each engine is dowry of 16 voice polyphony.
Several combinations of synthesis: FM only, only subtractive, both shuffled (2 + 2 FM hand hand 'ROM'), we can even raise a hand as subtractive qu'oprateur FM.
The samples in ROM are of very good quality and very ruffed.
Synthse for FM, you can go up to 6 operator instead (to make simple live operators = oscillator) for each with a choice of 16 basic waveforms, envelope more than UNESCORecords with loop function, amplifying, and VLOC overall dual filter, 2 LFOs, the operator instead of alogritme assembly (for feedback ).... Http://www.sequencer.de/ to see more details.
We can make a sound with Max FM 4 part or 6 * 4 = 24 oscillators (or 4 or 2 DX7 DX7 II).
All intrt the era 'of silent shuffled synthse synthse subtractive and FM to add dynamic behavior and supplmentaires sounds.

Regarding synthse FM: yes it's complicated so there are hundreds of parameter, it does not necessarly what we did, but in return, the tone range is more than wide : analog, metal, industrial, weird,
percussion, hovering without forgetting the piano and electric bass FM has a ct "Ghost in the machine" a bit dconcertant.
Moreover, the effects are part of the synthse. Finally it is not just a SY77 with 76 points: he availing oneself of the ROM memory plus an FM synthse tighter, better multi-effects, better converters, a more squenceur Labor and manufacturing quality multimdia.
Finally, a very good editor is to communicate with the PC / MAC.
Finally, to get an idea of synthse FM, you can view demos of the Yamaha FM synths (DX5, DX7, SY77, FS1R) of the chain musictrackjp on youtube.